Multiple-choice test with final messages based on the answers

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The new Easypromos questionnaires system offers multiple possibilities. Among them, tests are a fun option, enabling you to pose questions to users and then show them different final messages depending on the answers they give. Bee Social has used a test in a very creative way to present Llallao’s winter range: Winterllao. Below we explain how.

The Agency

Bee Social is a young, online marketing agency that helps clients optimize their online presence. It also seeks benefits for the brand and its sales and results. Among the brands that they work with is Llaollao; Bee Social works to dynamize this brand’s online community across the social networks via proposals which are fresh, dynamic and fun. They also like to transmit their values with humor.

The Client

Llaollao began as a family business selling frozen yoghurt. Many people became interested in the brand thanks to how successful their product became, so Llaollao decided to franchise their business model. This franchise, a pioneer in yoghurt commercialization in Europe, now comprises a network of over 100 Llaollao outlets, with an international presence in Portugal, Morocco, Venezuela, France, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Luxemburg, Russia and Singapore.

Since 2010, Llaollao has been placing its trust in Bee Social for the management of its social networks, and together they have created a strong online image, supported by a presence across the various social networks: Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Tuenti, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. In 2013 they won a TNS Fan Page Awards prize for best Facebook Page.

The Campaign

“Tell me what you’re like and I’ll tell you which Winterllao product is for you.”

The Challenge

This campaign was specifically intended to promote the new seasonal Winterllao product range, as the brand has incorporated new creations to their menu. To do this, Bee Social created “The Wintertest.”

The Solution

They utilized the Premium version, specifically the new questionnaires system. They created a test in which various questions were asked of users. Depending on the answers given, each user was then identified with the Winterllao product which most suited their profile. The test posed questions such as the following:

Also, participants were able to share their test result across the social networks, which meant that a higher level of identification between product and participant was achieved. The new tools for customization of viral content of the platform meant that a different image and text could be shared for each test result obtained.


Benefits obtained

Thanks to the promotion, the following results were achieved:
• New products in the Winterllao menu were promoted.
• Engagement via Facebook and other social networks was increased.
• During the campaign, the reach of publications was significantly increased.

The promotion had a total of 1,416 participants over its two-week duration and there was an increased number of print outs.


“We always use Easypromos, so we already knew how it worked. We wanted to create a test that would, via a series of questions, enable us to find out which product from the winter menu (Winterllao) best suited each of our fans: a sweet personality test. By creating interesting questions and appealing graphics we managed to attract the public and encourage them to share the promotion with their friends. A quick and simple procedure which, thanks to the app’s customization options, was also highly adaptable.”

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2014-12-15