Emails Platform: Automate the Sending of Contest and Promotion Emails

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One of the main objectives of brands carrying out a promotion, contest, or online marketing action is to be able to register the emails of participating users and obtain their consent to then contact them via this channel. Until now, Facebook provided a direct communication channel between brands and users via its business Pages. However, due to the continual evolution of the Facebook publication algorithm, the extent to which brands can reach their followers decreases every day, meaning that it is getting harder for brands to ensure that their messages reach their Facebook Page followers.

Obtaining the participants’ email addresses and consent for contact allows brands to establish a direct and personalized communication channel, in which the message can be guaranteed to reach each participant. Brands can take advantage of this direct communication channel, not only by selling their services and products upon finalizing the promotion but also by making the promotion itself more efficient and successful.

In this post we introduce our Email Platform, a tool that enables administrators of Easypromos promotions to create, configure and customize emails, allowing for the automatization of communication with promotion participants.

Currently, we have two versions of the Email Platform:

  • The new Email and Notifications Platform 2.0, available in all promotions with login.
  • Email Platform 1.0, available in other promotions.

In this article, we will take a look at the Email Platform as a whole, however, you can find out more about the Email Platform 2.0. You can also contact our customer support team that will answer all email-related questions.

Why communicate with participants during and after the promotion

There are many reasons why it’s important to create a direct and fluid communication channel with participants. Here are some of the main motivations for doing so:

  • Increase participation
  • Increase the number of followers
  • Generate engagement and interaction with the users
  • Humanize the brand
  • Achieve a closer relationship with users
  • Provide support to participants
  • Obtain a quality database

Take a look at our detailed guide to different types of emails that you can send out during your promotion.

Characteristics and features of the Email Platform

  1. Program and automatize the sending of emails. You can configure exactly when the email will be sent to the participant. This can be: at a scheduled time; upon registering for the promotion, receiving a new vote; upon recruiting a friend, or validating their email address. This programming allows you to preconfigure all communications, even before the promotion is activated. You can also create an email at the moment and send it straight away, as you might wish to do when sending a news update to all your participants.
  2. Segment recipients. For each email, you can decide which participants to send it to. You can choose “All participants” or you can use the various filters provided by the platform: based on the results obtained in the quiz; the number of users recruited; the number of votes obtained; whether or not the user has validated an email address; based on whether the user has published the participation; to all the winners; or just to the Winning Moment winners. The predefined fields of the registry form (gender, city, date of birth), the additional fields you have created, and the check boxes can all also be used as filters.
  3. Customize the message with your name and image. Each email will reach the user with the name, email address, and signature of the sender that you have configured. You can also configure a header image and a footer that further identify the communication with the brand carrying out the promotion.
  4. Individualize the message, adapting it to each participant. Use the variables (smart tags) offered to you by the platform to give information that is personalized to each participant. You can address users by name, informing them how many votes they have obtained or how many friends they have recruited, providing them with their recruiting URL or a direct link to their individual participation, and so on.
  5. Validate the emails of participants. The platform allows you to create and configure an email so that users can validate their email addresses. After registering, participants will automatically receive an email address with a validation link. On clicking this link they will be shown a screen with a customizable message that will confirm that their email address has been verified. In this way, the administrator will obtain a database with real and verified email addresses. With just one click the administrator can remove from the sweepstake or contest any user who doesn’t have a valid email address.
  6. Send attachments. Each email can contain 3 attachments, allowing for a wide range of content that is tailored to the recipient. Use it to send coupons, instructions for cashing in the prize, or information about the product that has most interested the customer according to their survey answers.
  7. Test your emails before activating. The platform includes tools to enable you to test the emails which you configure before the promotion is activated and before the emails are sent to participants. You will receive in your inbox exactly the same email like that which you intend to send to participants.
  8. Statistics. You will have access to statistics for all the types of emails created. These will enable you to know how many emails have been sent during your promotion.
  9. Communicate with participants even though the promotion has been finalized. We know that the Email Platform continues to be very useful even after the promotion has finished. You can use it to thank users for their participation; communicate with the winners, or even inform past users of a new promotion. For this reason, the platform remains active even though the promotion has finished. Make the most of this and stimulate participation by informing past participants about upcoming promotions.
  10. Send notifications. You can also use the platform to create notifications and send emails when someone has achieved something significant (e.g. a user obtains over 100 votes), or has asked to receive more information about the product via a verification box. You can also use it to find out, on any particular date, how many users have obtained the results required for them to be finalists. Activate the option easily and you can carry out immediate tracking of the promotion.

Tutorial and FAQ about options for frequent sending

This tool is very flexible and provides multiple sending options to participants. Below we present the most common setups, as well as a tutorial on how to automatize your emails:

You can create your free account by clicking here. It’s free to create the account and create promotions in draft mode.

Carles Bonfill

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Publication date: 2015-01-08