Pick Your Favorite Contest For Martin Luther King Day

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With the coming of Martin Luther King Day, a lot of individuals become interested in coming across something or the other on social media platforms related to that event. Be it short stories, video or photo related contests, these keep the audience engaged. However, what is even more interesting is if you give them a choice to choose between various options. This way, you give your followers a chance to become the decision makers and thus increase their loyalty in the process.

Setting up a Pick Your Favorite Contest

In order to set up this contest and present your options, you would have to activate public gallery, either vertically or choosing a mosaic gallery option. You can then ask your participants to begin their vote. The best part about a pick your favorite contest is that you can obtain contact information of all those who have participated in your Pick Your Favorite contest.


Pick Your Favorite Can Be Combined With…


Promotions Group

If you want many promotions at the same time, for instance photos, captions, as well as videos, then a Promotions Group can be used. This way, the promotions can be presented simultaneously, thereby allowing the users to participate in all of these in unison for choosing the same link.



If you want more information about your participants, then you can introduce a survey format. Through this, you can also get to know about the option that every user voted for.


Promoting your Pick Your Favorite Contest On Social Media

If you are having a pick your favorite contest for your users on the theme ‘Best Quotes for Martin Luther King Day’, then it is always feasible to promote your contest on social media well before the due date. This will give you a chance to let your followers know about the upcoming contest, thereby becoming more encouraged to participate. Such a promotion can even allow the users who do not know about your brand to get to know about you and then participate.

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Publication date: 2015-01-15