Use The Civil Rights Day To Get More Followers On Facebook

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Civil Rights Day is an important state holiday in New Hampshire and Arizona that is on 3rd Monday of January every year. It is in the honor of civil rights activists and many people are enthusiastic about this holiday. Companies and brands can make use of this holiday to get more following on social media sites such as Facebook. Here are a few strategies that they can apply.

Launching a Human rights campaign

A human rights campaign can be launched on a brand’s Facebook page with a Facebook giveaway app that can be more focused on the current problems that people may be facing and the ways in which they can rectify their situation.

There are many people out there who wish to bring about major changes in various aspects of their lives, and such campaigns can really help in gaining a sufficient amount of support and followers on Facebook.

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Talking about a social reform

You can start a discussion on any social reform on your social media platform and any kind of discussion on a social reform is bound to be taken seriously.

Starting a dialogue on anything is a great way to keep customers interested and increase your overall followers. You can also make sure to keep your posts worthy of a share so that your brand’s awareness can be increased further. Also you can start this dialogue using a Facebook Giveaway app organizing a sweepstakes among users who comment on or Like a post on your Facebook Timeline.

Highlighting the history

You can use the Civil Rights Day as a chance to delve into the history of the day so as to create more awareness of the day. While many people may know that the holiday exists, they might not be aware of its origin or why the day is celebrated so intensely for so long. You can come up with quizzes for all age groups to keep them interested and the same quizzes can be used as competitions among peers to see who knows their history the best.

Civil Rights Day is coming in a few months and it is best to start strategizing around the day so that your brand can gain the most advantage through it.

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Publication date: 2015-01-18