Facebook will update the number of Likes on March 12

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Facebook is still pursuing its mission to give greater value to “likes”. One of the latest changes made by the company aims to achieve this. This change is: High quality fans. 

Facebook wants to provide administrators with updated and consistent information about the users who actively follow their Pages. Their objective is to help Pages be more effective at reaching a public that is genuinely interested in their brand. In order to do so, Facebook announced that starting on March 12 it will update Pages’ Like counts by removing inactive or disabled accounts.

1. What does the Facebook update consist of?

As of March 12, Facebook will begin the update process in which it will eliminate “likes” made from inactive accounts.

They are also going to cease including those users who have voluntarily cancelled their accounts.

2. What consequences will this update generate? 

Over the next few weeks, Facebook Page administrators will see “a small fall in the number of likes” for their pages as a result of the update.

What could, at first, be seen as something negative – a decrease in number of fans – also has a positive aspect to it; we outline this below:

  • The content that reaches your followers will now be more effective, as it will be content which really interests them. As such, this is an improvement that positively affects your organic reach via Facebook.
  • In the same way, publicity will also be more effective, as followers or fans of your Page will conform closely more to your target audience.
  • The tool that will permit you to create audiences which are similar to those of your Page will be much reliable and efficient, meaning that it will be easier to reach new clients who are genuinely interested in your brand or business.
  • Bad practices aimed at buying and selling fans will gradually disappear.

Of course, the number of fans affects the image of the brand significantly. However, Pages that have obtained fans via high-quality actions and content over the past few years will not see a great change in these figures.

This new Facebook update will follow the course set by the last Facebook changes, which affected the capture and growth of fans, as well as by the change in guidelines of November 5, 2014 which prohibited businesses from compelling users to become fans of a Page in order to enter their contest or promotion.

Now, more than ever, it is essential to work hard at generating high-quality creative content to ensure that users are attracted to your brand. These Facebook changes will not affect recruiting applications, or the email platform, which both help to increase the organic reach of contests.

See the Facebook announcement about the update on the Page Likes.

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Publication date: 2015-03-09