How A Writing-Based Contest Can Promote The Read Across America Day

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Read Across America Day is a perfect day to have a writing based contest as a platform for participants to express themselves as much as possible. There are two mediums on which such participation can happen. These are Twitter and Facebook.

What A Writing Based Contest Can Provide

Read Across America Day is in itself a special day dedicated towards encouraging reading and literacy all across the country. Writing based contests in the spirit of the day can further enhance the motivation among participants and create a sense of a competitive spirit as well.

User motivation can further be enhanced by telling them that their submissions are going to be published in a special gallery so that everyone around can read, comment on, and share their writing with others. Voting will also take place so as to see which piece was the best out of them all.


Gathering Participants On Social Media

If you wish to gather more participants for this contest via social media, then you would have to heavily market this contest over these platforms. This can be done by creating event pages, having announcements, and then encouraging your followers to share your announcements.

The more participants you will be able to gather, the more the competition there will be, and the more users will be encouraged to participate.


Promoting Read Across America Day

Brands that promote Read Across America Day tell their followers how important it is for teachers, students, and parents to stand together on this special day. The day will specially be of immense significance in schools and colleges around the country and therefore brands can capitalize on this segment for their promotions.

The more you promote your writing based contest, the more entries you will receive from your customers, and the more others will be encouraged to participate. The most attractive feature of such a contest that all entries will be publicly visibly, thereby highlighting all contributions equally and making sure that everyone receives the same spotlight.

Finally, here you are a post that will help you to organize your contest: Photo, video and writing-based contests with pre-moderation.

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Publication date: 2015-03-02