How to use multiple-choice test to identify your target audience among Facebook fans

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In the following post we’re going to look at how you can identify your target from among your Facebook followers. With a simple multiple-choice test and some ingenuity it’s possible to connect with your objective public and get to know them better by discovering their tastes and preferences. The La Sencilla agency posed a series of questions to followers of Café Saula. The responses to these questions provided information that was relevant enough to carry out a subsequent qualification and classification of leads. Below we explain how all this was accomplished.


The Agency

logo la sencillaLa Sencilla is a “conventional” advertising agency in Barcelona whose vocation is to provide an original, innovative communication service. With a division specialized in Social Media (La Sencilla/451), focussed on strategic planning, creativity and the development of applications on social networks for big brands.


The Client

logocafesalulaCafé Saula was founded in 1950. It was established as a small coffee roaster in Barcelona. 20 years later, the business has moved from its original small terrace location to the large industrial warehouse that now houses the headquarters of Café Saula. Over the years, their business strategy has helped them stand out from their competitors thanks to the quality and high-end nature of their products.

Based on the premise that “The consumer is an expert and is immersed gastronomic culture” they seek to offer a wider range of exotic coffees, coming from places like Nepal or the Galapagos, for people with a more discerning palate.


The Campaign

We seek “Ritualers”: people who love the process as much as the result, who value the poetry of the ritual.


The Challenge

The objective was principally to connect with the core audience and get to know it better; a brilliant strategy for concentrating resources, facilitated by networks such as Facebook.


The Solution

They used the Easypromos Premium , specifically the new questionnaires system. They created a multiple-choice test in which various questions were posed to users asking them about their habits, such as the following: “How often do you need to stroke the rough texture of the page of a book?”

The users were given one profile or another depending on the answers given.



The Benefits Obtained

  • By way of this action, they managed to quadruple their number of fans. The majority of promotion participants became fans of Café Saula.
  • Feedback from users grew significantly, as did their bond with the brand.
  • Important interaction with comments and likes from users about the posts, as well as comments thanking the brand for the promotion. But, undoubtedly the most relevant point was the high level of identification that users felt with the “ritualer” concept. Users adopted this as their own, making mention of it in the majority of their comments. Therefore a high level of engagement was achieved.
  • Thanks to the promotion, it has been possible analysing the qualitative and quantitative results, to verify that the previously defined target was correct.



“We’ve been using Easypromos tools for some years now. Though in many cases we develop custom applications, there are many others for which, due to the characteristics of the action and the client, we need highly agile and versatile applications which are easy to implement. This was the case with “We seek Ritualers” – a quiz application whose purpose was basically to connect with a very specific target audience. We reached the target audience via the application and a highly surgical segmentation. We were convinced that the action would be well received by the brand community, but we were surprised by the clear and fast identification of the target audience with the “Ritualer” concept. This success was the fruit of teamwork and enthusiasm for a project that we all believed in from the beginning.”

-Elsa Rumbau-
Manager of La Sencilla/451, digital division of La Sencilla


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Silvia Marti Ferrer

Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team

Publication date: 2015-03-24