What is Inbound Marketing and How to Use it in Your Online Strategy

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You’ve probably heard a lot about inbound marketing lately, since this methodology is gaining more followers every day because of its effectiveness. On this post we explain what inbound marketing is and how to incorporate Easypromos as a tool to improve your strategy on this field.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that integrates a variety of marketing techniques and arises from the evolution of traditional marketing based on changes in the habits of consumers.
This change is owing to the fact that users, instead of adopting a passive attitude as receivers of information, now use the digital environment to actively seek out information.
As a result, Inbound Marketing is based on disciplines such as SEO, content marketing and social media marketing, which together optimize online visibility to the maximum.
The main objective is to obtain possible new clients in a non-intrusive way, creating value content which attracts users to companies and products.

Phases of Inbound Marketing

Broadly speaking, we can identify the following three stages:

1. Optimizing brand visibility

This is the phase during which it is necessary to create branding and visibility. Traffic must be generated, or better said, encouraged to come to you.

This first phase is fundamental to achieving an effective Inbound Marketing strategy. The following techniques are essential to its success: SEO, content marketing and social media marketing.

It is vital to create quality content for your website, and to treat blog content and social network activity strategically. Other elements, such as infographics, images and optimized videos will facilitate the visibility of your brand among your objective public.

2. Converting traffic into a database

Your website, blog, and social network profile views have to be converted into qualified leads or contacts. It’s important to plan “calls to action” carefully. They should be visible and appropriate. Prepare the forms well and optimize the landing pages so that once users have found you, they are more likely to leave their information.

3. Classifying and qualifying users

This is the phase during which it’s important to identify which leads can be considered possible future clients or subscribers. This is what’s known as “lead scoring.”

The next step will be to try and establish a more personalized relationship, via marketing actions which vary, depending on the phase of the purchasing process in which the potential client finds him or herself. This is “lead nurturing.”

How to incorporate Easypromos into the process of Inbound Marketing

As we have explained previously, one of the most-used disciplines during the first stage of Inbound Marketing or Attraction Marketing is Social Media Marketing. Easypromos enables brands to create quality content, thus motivating users to participate in said promotional actions and provide their data to brands using the tool.

Photo contests, sweepstakes, trivia quizzes, discount coupon promotions, etc. have, in recent years, become essential and highly effective tools for capturing “leads,” as they can reach potential clients, not only via Facebook, but also via other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.
What’s more, it is now possible to use all our applications across all of your properties. This means that the capturing of leads is not only possible via social networks, but also via traffic that reaches a website, blog or microsite without being redirected.

It’s now possible to obtain a great deal of information from users, such as their name, city, age, etc. thanks to the option of personalizing registration forms. You can also find out relevant information about their tastes and preferences, and discover whether they are already consumers of your products or services via the new questionnaires system. This allows you to classify leads in a far more effective way.

Continuous use of this type of action guarantees a progressive enlargement of the database of a brand. The integration of Easypromos with email marketing tools such as Mailchimp is possible; however, in recent months the new Emails platform has been developed and this enables personalized communication with possible clients of, or subscribers to, your brand, including actions such as sending personalized discount coupons, or exclusive product offers.

Inbound Marketing is no longer just another option, but a fundamental and effective methodology for gaining new clients.

Silvia Marti Ferrer

She is in charge of the Easypromos marketing team. She holds degrees in Journalism and PR & Advertising, with a special focus on inbound marketing and digital marketing. She joined Easypromos in 2014. In her spare time she loves hiking, cooking or doing crafts, always sharing this time with her daughters.

Publication date: 2015-03-03