The new editor for creating promotions more quickly, easily and intuitively

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Introducing our new editor, designed to help you create promotions faster and in a more structured and intuitive way. It also provides the advantage of letting you view any modifications you make to the design of the promotion in real time. This new editor is a first step towards giving administrators complete control of the design and visualization of promotions. New features will be added to this first version. Below we outline the main objectives of this update.

Objectives of the new editor

When creating a promotion, the administrator dedicates the majority of his or her time to the configuration and preview section, with the aim of customizing all the little details of design, images and texts which make the promotion unique and attractive. The new editor has been designed to bring together, in the same work environment, all the configuration, editing and previewing options of the promotion, and thus achieve the following objectives:

  • Facilitate the work of the administrator, improving his or her experience
  • Streamline the configuration process, saving time
  • Offer a more guided and intuitive process
  • Add more options for customization

You can learn all about the new promotions editor in just two minutes in the video below.


Key features

We have designed the new promotions editor as a tool for improving the experience of the administrator. Here are the principal benefits that this update provides:

  • Visualization in real time of the changes that affect the promotion design. You are given a visual context and do not need to go to the preview screen.
  • New work environment for a more comfortable editing experience. The promotion editing screen has been redesigned to make use of 100% of the screen in which it is displayed. This makes it possible to preview the design of each page, as well as showing each of the promotion configuration blocks in a clearer, more ordered way.
  • The options that affect the design are organized by page. You will be able to work on the text and image content page by page and not via blocks of text and images as has been the case until now. This editing format means that in future updates new customization options, affecting single pages only, can be added.
  • Structured and accessible menu. With a single click you gain access to the menu, and through it you can reach any of the settings. The menu has been designed so that the administrator can follow a logical and guided process and not omit any important setting.
  • Preview for each type of device. Via a single click from the editor you can see how each screen looks on every type of device.
  • Preconfigured settings. The new promotions creation wizard generates a preconfigured version of the promotion, based on the type of application that you have selected. For this reason, with the new editor you can concentrate on the design aspect of the application. However, at the same time, you have access to the advanced options, meaning that you can make sure the contest fits your requirements by overwriting the preconfigured options.
  • Help tutorials and texts. All options come with help texts. You also have access from the main menu to generic tutorials for each type of application.


We are positive that this new editor will provide administrators with a working environment that is more comfortable and effective. If you have any doubts, or if you’d like to send us your comments, please send an email to Thanks!


Silvia Marti Ferrer

Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team

Publication date: 2015-03-27