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Last January 27, Twitter announced two important new features that would widen the range of possibilities and functionalities of its social network: private group messages and mobile video capture. With the development of group messages, Twitter has managed to position itself as an alternative to “instant messaging.” It is also noteworthy that it now gives place to video – a content that is becoming increasingly relevant in social media and that Twitter has needed to accommodate.

Below, we’re going to look at all the aspects related to private messages in Twitter:


What does this new feature provide?

Until now, private messages in Twitter could only be sent to a single recipient. With this new feature, you can communicate with up to 20 people at the same time.

The member of the group will receive a notification in which they are informed that they are being included in a private conversation. The only requirement for the group to work correctly is that all members must follow the person who created the group. It is not necessary for members to follow each other.


What configuration options does it allow?

  • All members of the group have the chance to add new users.
  • All members can give the conversation a title and edit the title.
  • Notifications can be activated or deactivated as required.
  • Group members can be viewed.
  • Leaving the group: members can leave the group at any time, as can the person who created the group.


How does it work?

  • It’s very simple. First, go to the messages icon
  • Once you have accessed the message screen, click on the icon for creating a new message
  • The application will tell you to “enter a name”, and you can type in all the contacts who will form part of the group
  • Once the members have been chosen, click on “Next”, and the text box will appear. Enter what you want to say and then send it to the group. (There is still a limitation of 140 characters)


Possible uses

  • It provides an alternative to instant messaging groups, because as well as enabling you to communicate with various users it also permits you to send any type of content: text, images, emoticons, links, tweets, etc.
  • You can use this feature from Twitter for iPhone and Android, and via TweetDeck.
  • It could be useful for introducing contacts through Twitter. Once you have introduced the members you can leave the group so that the other users can continue their conversation.
  • You can comment immediately on information that you have just read on Twitter, with people who you think might be interested, without having to leave the application.
  • Twitter is usually used for professional, rather than personal, actions, unlike Facebook or WhatsApp. For this reason, it’s an advantage not to have to provide your telephone number to do networking.
  • With brands, an occasional message to some of your followers could be a useful way of loyalizing them (it’s important to know how to measure this).
  • Normally, the people you communicate with on Twitter are not people you know in the real world. These types of private messages will enable you to forge closer ties with people who share your common interests.



  • If you leave a group, the other members will be notified
  • It is not possible to invite a user who has been blocked by another member of the group
  • Message limit of 140 characters
  • Group members limited to 20 users


Why not try it?


More information:

See this video to learn more about private messages in Twitter.


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Publication date: 2015-03-12