Update of the Easypromos platform: all the new features

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We have updated the Easypromos platform with a collection of new features and improvements to improve the experience of the administrator when configuring and managing campaigns. Here are just some of the new features: a redesigned administration area; a creation wizard to guide you through the process; some new statistics with data about My Networks and the number of clicks on the ‘share’ buttons. Discover all the new features in this post.

In this post you will learn about all the new features to be introduced in the latest platform update:

1. New design of the administration panel

The promotion management and administration area has been updated with a new design intended to make day-to-day management of promotions easier.

New features include:

  • Quicker access to information about all the pages administered by the user account.
  • New design of the promotion administration page, highlighting a more spacious work environment.
  • Redesign of some sections of the page, such as the participants list and the activation screen.

2. Creation Wizard

With the aim of guiding you through the first steps of creating your campaigns, we have developed the ‘wizard’ or creation assistant. This is the first screen you will now find when you decide to create a new promotion with Easypromos. The wizard will be displayed as a list of all the applications you can create with Easypromos with the version that you are using:

Update of the Easypromos platform

After selecting an application, the assistant will take you directly to the editing form where you configure the basic information for the promotion. To make your job easier the platform will have preconfigured the options you will need for the type of contest you’ve chosen. In this way, you’ll be able to focus on the content and design of the promotion, as well as previewing the final results before publication.

Example: if you select ‘Photo contest’, the ‘Image’ field will be automatically activated. This will allow users to upload their photos, and it will also activate the voting system and the public participations gallery. At any moment, you can edit or adjust these original configurations by accessing the promotion editing form.

3. New publication system

The publication system of the promotions has been simplified, with the aim of making the process of disseminating your promotions faster, more intuitive and better adapted to the needs of each campaign. The platform offers the following methods of publication which can be applied to any type of application, and which are not mutually exclusive:

a) Publication as a microsite. This is the default publication setting of all promotions created with Easypromos. With this method of publication the promotion opens like a website (microsite). Find out how a promotion is published by using this publication system.

b) Publication in a Facebook application. The publication of a promotion in Facebook has been simplified, offering instant publication, permitting you to publish the promotion, with just one click, to three available applications. You will also have the advanced publication method in case you wish to publish the same promotion on another Facebook Page.

What’s more, when carrying out a promotion with the White Label version, you will be able to use the advanced publication method to manage your own permissions.

c) Publication in an external URL using the Widgets system. This will permit you to embed the promotion or contest in your website or blog, and let users participate directly from there, giving even greater visibility to your campaign outside of Facebook, as in this example.

So, for each campaign you can choose the publication method which best fits. Find out how to publish your promotions in this link.

4. Link your own domain/URL to the promotion (only in White Label)

Promotions created with the White Label version have the option of using a URL or domain to publish the promotion. This feature is available when publishing the promotion as a microsite, and it means that all promotion links have the brand’s customized domain as their URL. In this way, there will be no visible references to the Easypromos platform.

5. New statistics

After the change of regulations applied by Facebook last November, we updated the platform to incorporate the ‘My Networks’ module, which encourages users to follow the brand across the social networks (Facebook and Twitter). This feature was complemented with improvements in the promotion viralization system, and it has been recently amplified with the incorporation of WhatsApp, Telegram and Line as new tools for sharing and disseminating promotions.

After the incorporation of these new features, the statistics provided by the platform have been expanded to include the following information, available with all versions of Easypromos:

a) Number of clicks in ‘My Networks’. You can find out the total number of clicks in each social network, and view a graph that reveals the number of clicks made on each button daily.

b) Number of clicks on the Share buttons. Users can easily share the promotion with friends and contacts via the different social networks provided by the platform: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line and email. The new statistics include information related to the action of sharing with users. Specifically, the following data can be obtained:

  • Number of clicks on the buttons of each social network.
  • Type of content shared. This can be: generic content, recruiting content, questionnaire content or winning moment content.
  • Sharing clicks per page, indicating at which point of the participation process users carry out the Sharing action.

Update of the Easypromos platform

Discover in detail all the information included in the statistics.

6. Control over the first screen of the promotion

Now you have control over what you want to be the first screen of the promotion. In other words, the page that users land on when they click the promotion link or enter via the application installed on your Facebook Page. This means you can set up the home page of the promotion, having the possibility of choosing between the different pages:

  • Registration form: if you’re going to organize a sweepstake among all users who leave their information, you can make the form the first thing that users find when they access the promotion.
  • Questionnaire: if you have organized a trivia quiz or survey, make your questions the doorway into the promotion.
  • List of entries: when organizing a photo or ‘Pick your favorite’ contest, configure the photo gallery as the first page of the contest. This will enable you to streamline both visualization of participations and voting.

7. Incorporation of WhatsApp, Telegram and Line in the Basic platform

Last January 20, the instant messaging applications WhatsApp, Telegram and Line became incorporated into the Premium and White Label platforms as new viralization tools available to participants of promotions and contests. Now, these applications have also reached the Basic platform, which has been updated with the incorporation of WhatsApp, Telegram and Line as new channels of viralization. This provides a vital widening of the range of tools that users can use to share and invite friends to promotions.

8. Take part in promotions and contests without a Facebook account

We have added the option for administrators to choose whether the registration requires that users have a Facebook account or not. For those contests which are not promoted within Facebook, it is advisable to give users the option of being able to identify only with their name and email, thus the barrier to participation can be minimized. Now administrators can decide if Facebook login is required, or it is a recommendation for users to register in a faster way.


Would you like to try out the improvements and new features introduced to the platform?

Access the Easypromos administration panel and create or edit a promotion to see all the changes.


Marian Jubany

Customer care Easypromos’ team

Publication date: 2015-03-02