How to carry out a photo contest on Instagram with Easypromos

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In this post we’re going to tell you what you need to carry out a photo contest in Instagram via a hashtags gallery application. As well as explaining the dynamic, we will analyze the benefits provided by using an application for these types of contests, such as obtaining professional results and a photo contest which is transparent as regards its winner selection (a factor valued highly by users).

Dynamic of the photo contest on Instagram

The dynamic is very simple: Set up a photo contest and ask your Instagram followers to upload a photo accompanied by the hashtag you have previously chosen.

What advantages does using Easypromos provide for organizing a photo contest on Instagram?

All the information on your website or the contest’s microsite

Thanks to the new promotion publication system you can now publish your photo contest on Instagram to a microsite or embed it in your website. This way, the user will find all the information relevant to the contest (legal bases, contest duration, description of the contest, etc.) and users are also going to be able to access all the content generated by the other participants.

Compilation of all the images in a gallery

You are going to be able to collect all the participants’ photos in a single gallery. But that’s not all: you will also have the chance to download the photos, in case you’d like to keep the material that has been generated in the contest. Once the promotion has been finalized, the administrator can download – with a single click – a ZIP file with all the images uploaded by users.

Transparent winner selection

You’re going to be able to select the winner at random with the Easypromos tool, thus avoiding speculation from participants regarding the fairness of the contest. Users value transparency greatly and will very much appreciate the Certificate of Validity generated by the application. Thanks to this, you will be able to prove that the sweepstake has been carried out fairly.

Centralized management for administrators

Administrators will have a centralized control panel to manage the promotion quickly and efficiently. They will be able to see all the photos together, edit them or rotate them if necessary, and even moderate the images before publishing them in the gallery.

Possibility of sharing the promotion via various channels

Another advantage provided by the application are the options that if offers participants when they share the contest via the social networks, email or instant messaging.


Some advice related to photo contests on Instagram

Take your time when choosing a hashtag.

  • Keep in mind the barriers of participation that some types of photos may generate.
  • Organize participation via hashtags, never use Likes.
  • When selecting the winner you have a number of options:
    • Select the winner via jury.
    • Let users vote to find the finalists and let a jury pick the final winner.
    • Use the application to randomly select a winner from the photos that have already been chosen as finalists by a jury or by votes.
    • Select a winner at random from all participants using the tool provided by the application.

Real examples of photo contests on Instagram with Easypromos


To dynamize their stand in Madrid Fashion Week 2015 (MBMFW15), Kaiku organized a contest among all those who came to visit them. Participants could upload a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MiMomento and were entered into a daily sweepstake for a gift card worth 200€. Participation was high and the brand was able to promote its product – Kaiku Choco Latte – extensively.

Pinypon Tour

This was a summer campaign by Famosa, created to publicize its brand Pinypon, and boost its Instagram profile. It involved asking users to upload a photo of one of the Pinypon figurines to Instagram, on holidays anywhere in the world, via the hashtag #pinyponTour.


Costa Brava Girona Pyrenees and a photo contest on Instagram

The following example is from a photo contest organized by the Costa Brava Girona Pyrenees Tourist Board, whose objective was to promote the destination and increase their number of Instagram followers. For this reason, participation could only be with a photo uploaded to Instagram with a hashtag.

The novel feature of this contest was that each week the photos had to contain a specific color. During the first week, users had to upload photos of the Girona Pyrenees that were primarily of a green hue; the second week it was orange; the third was brown and the last week, blue. The contest lasted four weeks.


The result of the campaign #LaTardorEnColors was a photo album of the area generated by users which transcended the initial expectations of the campaign. How did they do it? They used a promotions group, and created four different promotions, each with its own hashtag.
There are many possibilities provided by the Mention + hashtag application, as you can see. The result of each of these three actions was of a very high quality, both regarding content generated by participants (since Instagram users generally take great care of the originality and quality of their images), and regarding the overall presentation of the promotional action.
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Silvia Marti Ferrer

Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team

Publication date: 2015-04-21