Promote Your Facebook Followers During The Arbor Day

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You can capitalize on your Facebook followers greatly on Arbor Day by promoting them on Facebook using a Promotions Group. Encourage those followers who are involved in planting trees or related efforts around the country to send you pictures of them so that you can upload them using the Promotions Group.

Benefits Of A Promotions Group On Facebook

With a Promotions Group, you can create a campaign over the group and then market that campaign on your other pages, including Facebook, as well. In the campaign, you will post all the pictures of your followers who are involved in the efforts of planting trees around the country.

This way, all of your users and followers will be interested in seeing what you have to post next and will also remain engaged actively while the entire campaign is being carried out. Moreover, you only require a single link for promoting your entire campaign and all your efforts to your followers.


Encouraging Arbor Day Activities With Your Promotions

Apart from gaining attention, you can also encourage the planting of more trees and benefit the environment in return with your promotions. The more people that land on your campaign, the more they will feel enthusiastic about participating and planting trees.

This will not only be beneficial for your brand, but for the environment and the people as a whole. You can also consider targeting schools and colleges all around in the spirit of the day.


Make Your Followers Feel Recognized

With a campaign that you launch, your Facebook followers will feel more recognized for their efforts and in turn become more loyal to you. This is because all their efforts will be documented on your social media pages for the rest of the public to see.

You can use Arbor Day to you full advantage and make sure that you cater fully to the efforts of your followers so that they feel closer to the brand at the end of the day. This will also help in increasing brand recognition and recall.

Alexandra Cantos

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Publication date: 2015-04-25