M80 photo contest, combining Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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In the following case study about a photo contest created by the radio program M80, we’re going to show you how far the ingenuity and motivation of users can reach, not only when attempting to win a prize, but also when interacting and sharing their love of music, and specifically their appreciation of Mark Knopfler. M80 created a photo contest for its followers, in which users were encouraged to pose for a photo of themselves with their vinyl or CD collection of the artist’s work, and then submit it to the contest via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In this post we will explain how M80 did it.

The client


M80 is a music radio show which plays the greatest hits of the biggest pop and rock artists of the last few decades. Belonging to PRISA Radio, M80 stands out for its quality and musical variety, selecting classic songs by artists and bands like Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Queen. 462,000 people choose it as the station they listen to every day.

The Campaign

With the aim of promoting the new Mark Knopfler album, Tracker, the station used a Facebook competition app to organize a photo contest in which its fans were asked to submit photos of themselves with their Mark Knopfler collection. The photos had to be accompanied by the hashtag #m80Knopfler.

The challenge

The challenge was to motivate Knopfler fans to help viralize, share and spread word about the artist’s new album by participating in the promotion.

mark knopfler página inicial promoción

The Solution

The station set its followers a photo contest, in which participants had to share a photo of themselves alongside their Mark Knopfler collection, including at least album from his solo career and another from his time with Dire Straits. They then had to tag it with the hashtag #m80Knopfler. They were also encouraged to be as original as possible.

The White Label version of Easypromos was used, enabling the promotion to be configured so that users could enter their images via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Enabling the mosaic gallery (available in the Premium and White Label versions), meant that the photos could be displayed in a well-organized and attractive way. The fact that the gallery is 100% responsive means that the photo gallery can be adapted to any type of device or screen resolution, always offering an optimal visualization of the photos in the gallery, even on smartphones.

galeria fotos mark knopfler m80

The promotion was published on the Facebook Page of the radio station, and on their website via widgets supplied by the Easypromos tool.

M80 also shared the contest via their other social networks, ultimately contributing to the success of the promotion.

The prize for the winner was two invitations to attend the pre-tour rehearsal concert that Mark Knopfler was to give on May 12, in a studio on the outskirts of London.

Included in the prize was the following:

  • Return flights from Madrid or Barcelona to London.
  • A stay in a 3-Star Hotel.
communicate winner

Benefits obtained

  • A high level of participation, partly thanks to the possibility of taking part via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the widget located in the M80 website.
  • A high level of implication from users, participating with creative and carefully prepared photos which made it particularly hard for the jury to select a winner.
  • The promotional action dynamized M80’s social networks and utilized the resource of the photo contest to spread word about the latest return of Mark Knopfler.
  • An increase in the number of fans across all the social networks used by M80.

This contest is a good example of how permitting participations by way of a variety of social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) positively influences the development of a contest for two reasons:

  1. It offers more options and facilities for participation.
  2. It permits more possibilities for viralization, since it’s easier to reach a far wider public.

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Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team

Publication date: 2015-05-06