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This year Canada will, for the first time, host the seventh edition of the most important female football tournament in the world. From June 6 to July 5 the best footballers from 24 teams will be giving it their all on the pitch. Your customers can join in with the fun by taking part in an entertaining betting pool, generating engagement and loyalizing your followers. Promote the FIFA Women’s World Cup with a betting pool to obtain maximum participation!

Challenge your followers and customers with a Women’s World Cup betting pool in which they have to predict the answers to a series of questions about the Fifa Women’s World Cup. A betting pool will help you keep your followers motivated and focused both on your brand and on the results of the matches. They will probably bet for their favorite team and this will encourage users to involve themselves more passionately and seriously in the pool.

Below we give you some tips for setting up your own FIFA Women’s World Cup betting pool.


Customize your challenge

This will be the first Women’s World Cup which will have 24 teams from the 134 federations currently associated with FIFA.

Since there are so many teams, you have the option of creating various betting pools throughout the tournament. You could set up a pool for each of the stages, so that your fans have to predict which teams will pass the playoffs to reach the final. At the end you could create one more betting pool for participants to predict which team will win the cup.

You can design the promotion to fit your requirements by using the quiz editor to add as many questions as you need and prepare the way you want it to be displayed (the background, the container, images, color of the buttons, etc.)  We would even recommend that you combine different types of questions (closed answers, sortable, auto completable, etc.) and accompany them with images of the flags of each team.

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Offer attractive prizes

An event like the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 generates plenty of merchandising which is attractive to football fans. We suggest that you make it so that those who get the most right answers in the pool are the ones who have the best chances of taking home products such as caps, balls, backpacks or t-shirts of the winning team.

It’s true that until the last game is played, you won’t know who the winning team will be. But you can still entice participants by offering them merchandising of their favorite teams, irrespective of whether that team wins. No real fan would give up the chance to win World Cup goodies from his or her favorite team.

win t-shirts winning team


Raffle tickets

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup lasts for one month (from June 6 until July 5), you could even raffle tickets to attend the final, which will be held in Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium. If you do this, we can guarantee that your customers will be following all the betting pools in your contest very closely and trying their best to win tickets to the final.

Use the sweepstakes tool to select the final ticket winners from among all the users who guessed the most right answers in the betting pools. With a prize like that you will grab people’s attention fast and be able to build up a broad database of all the participants – something that will be very useful for your future marketing campaigns.

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