Take the American Eagle Day to Create Your Video Contest

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The American Bald Eagle Day is not only a patriotic wave for Americans but it is also associated with the protection of wildlife. Any contest or competition associated with this semi-sacred day will definitely bring you purposeful results.

Importance of the American Eagle Day

Sponsored by American Eagle Foundation, it is an unofficial National Holiday celebrated all over the States. Bald means white-headed. In order to protect the threatened species of white-headed eagle, the American Eagle Day is celebrated to educate more people about wildlife preservation and to honor America’s national bird which also represents the national seal. It is celebrated every year on June 20th.

Organizing a video contest on this day would benefit you in a variety of ways. Automating and managing the contest with the help of an app will make things easier for you and will make the contest more transparent for participants.


Association with the American Patriotic Vein

The American Bald Eagle Day is associated with American patriotism; therefore, more people will participate in the contest in order to show solidarity with the Bald Eagle.


Corporate Association with a Divine Cause

For including corporate responsibility in company policy and improving brand reputation, most of the corporate groups prefer associating with a divine or social cause. Organizing your video contest on the American Bald Eagle Day will automatically associate the cause of saving wildlife with your brand name and improve the public image of your brand.


Diverse Theme

The theme of the American Eagle Day is ideal for a social media video contest as a lot of content is already available on the Internet. From availability of Ronald Reagan’s Proclamation 4893 to pictures and videos of the Bald Eagle, the content on this theme is diverse and versatile.


Launch a Promotional Campaign

You can launch a business promotional campaign by announcing the results of the contest in a conference and making local news by inviting the journalists. These are called advertorials in which journalists are paid for covering corporate events. As the event would be associated with or themed with the American Eagle Day contest, it will automatically become newsworthy.

You can also promote it on social media like Facebook. Sweepstakes Video Contest application is easy to install on your Facebook video contest page. It also helps you export data and advanced statistics of the users for ensuring transparent results. Furthermore, it helps you provide automatic results of the contest on the basis of set conditions to reward the deserving contestants without any human error.


Ideas for Your Video Contest on American Eagle day

  • Become an Eagle Day Ambassador Contest/How to launch awareness campaign contest.
  • Awareness video on protection of Bald Eagles.
  • Statistical report on journey of Bald Eagles from extinction to threatened species.

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Publication date: 2015-06-20