Writing-based contest based on marketing content to achieve engagement with participants

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This case study has many ingredients which motivated us to share it. It was a text contest based on love stories, accompanied by photos, and with a careful strategy behind it. This promotion managed to bring material of value, and valid editorial content, to support content marketing – one of the objectives of the promotion. Furthermore, thanks to the use of true stories, an intimacy and engagement between users and brand was achieved. Finally, it was possible to associate love-related concepts and values with the brand in the eyes of participants and all those who read the stories.


The agency

axioma&coAxioma&Co is a digital communication agency based in Barcelona, with over 15 years’ experience. They are specialized in strategy, creativity and technology adapted to digital channels, developing projects in social networks, mobile applications and 3D and integrated marketing. They work to develop tailor-made solutions for their clients, with measurable results that manage to meet or exceed their expectations.


The client

logo-rowentaGROUPE SEB IBERICA is a multinational French company dedicated to the production of small electrical appliances. Brands such as Tefal, Krups, Moulinex and Rowenta all form part of the company; the last of these was the driving force of the contest carried out with Easypromos. Rowenta allies itself with fashion professionals in the most important fashion shows throughout the country, who use both the company’s ironing appliances and hair-care products. This year, the company has debuted with its own fashion show in Barcelona’s Bridal Week, dedicated exclusively to bridal and party fashion: Barcelona Couture by #MyLookRowenta.


The campaign

Rowenta has carried out a number of promotions related to the world of fashion, weddings and love. This latest was carried out with Easypromos and based on the concept “Your love story is worth a prize – take part and get a gift.”

love story writing based contest


The challenge

The objective was to link the brand even more strongly with the concepts that we have previously mentioned: the fashion world, weddings and love. Another of the objectives was to generate user engagement via true stories. A further aim was to ensure it was the users themselves who would generate content that could then be used on the brand’s page. In short, true stories from real users were sought.


The solution

The version used in this case was the Premium option, as it provided all the features required to carry out the action. The writing-based contest option was chosen, with the option of accompanying the text with a photo. The voting system was activated to generate contest virality.

The benefits obtained with the campaign or promotional action were as follows:

  • An increase in traffic to Rowenta’s Facebook Page
  • An increase in the number of fans and an widening of their knowledge of the brand
  • Association of values and concepts to the brand
  • Bringing together the brand and the user thanks to real love stories being told and shared with the community, and obtaining editorial content for the Facebook Page.

writing based contest gallery



As always, our experience with Easypromos, as well as being technically convenient and effective, has also been pleasant and efficient in the personal sense. An excellent platform provided by excellent professionals.

-Ester Acosta-

Social media strategist



Silvia Marti Ferrer

Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team