Take The Parent’s Day To Create A Writing-Based Contest

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This Parent’s Day, come up with a writing based contest to give the users a platform to express themselves as much as they want to. They can participate in this contest through any social media network such as Twitter and Facebook, and then you can consider publishing the submissions that you get so that they can be read throughout. The more the submissions that you get, the more the activity you will have on your social media, which will give you an opportunity to attract even more followers.

The Contest

The actual contest can be on any topic pertaining to Parent’s Day and you can encourage your followers who wish to participate in this writing-based contest to pour their hearts out. The purpose is to encourage as many people to participate as possible, and once the people know that you will be publishing their content on social media or your official website, they will be even more encouraged to apply and participate.

Use a public gallery to share the promotion and the pre-moderation system in order to control published content.


Creating A Feeling Of Warmth And Love

If you want to gain attention, then strategize according to Parent’s Day. Make sure that your social media profiles and website are in line with the feelings of warmth and love, displaying the affections that parents have for their children and giving the children all the more reasons to do something for their parents.

Such feelings of warmth and love should further be emphasized in the daily posts that will start being posted on your social media pages around the time of this special day.


Encouraging participation

With the plan of a writing-based contest, you should start encouraging participation of it right from the start. This can be done by making posts revolving around the contest as teasers to let your followers know that something is going to come up very soon. You should use this day to your full advantage and make sure that you capitalize on gaining more followers.

Parent’s Day is a very special day filled with emotions of joy and appreciation. Your followers will especially be happy if you give them a chance to display how people feel about their parents, so we recommend to take the Parent’s Day to create a writing-based contest.

Alexandra Cantos

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Publication date: 2015-07-23