Update of the Facebook Sweepstakes Application: All the New Features

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In August 2013, Facebook updated its promotions policy, making it possible to carry out sweepstakes directly on a Facebook wall. With the aim of helping administrators manage these types of promotions, we have launched the Facebook Sweepstakes Application, a tool that enables you to convert a Facebook post into a sweepstakes, among all users who have ‘liked’ or commented on it, with just a single click. Almost two years after its launch, we have updated the tool with a new design and a package of improvements and new features that we outline below.

Would you like to carry out a sweepstakes on Facebook among the users who interact most with your posts? Would you like to increase your number of followers with a simple sweepstake? Or do you need to carry out a quick sweepstakes among all followers who click Like or comment on one of your posts?

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The Facebook Sweepstakes application is now the ideal tool for one-time, quick actions on your Facebook Page aimed at energizing your page, improving engagement with your fans and rewarding users who interact with your publications. With this application you’ll be able to carry out two types of sweepstakes:

  1. Sweepstakes among all users who ‘like’ a post on your Page.
  2. Sweepstakes among all users who comment on one of your posts.

Almost two years after its launch, we have updated the tool with the following changes and new features:

1. Application is free up to 100 likes or comments

For carrying out sweepstakes based on a Facebook wall post, the application will remain free and unlimited until September 1, 2015. After this date, only the first sweepstake will be free, after which the following price model will apply:

  • Free application for sweepstakes up to 100 likes or 100 comments.
  • After 100 likes or 100 comments, the price of the Sweepstake will be $15 USD.

Note: It will also be possible to contract monthly and annual subscriptions for unlimited subscriptions. The price of subscriptions will be announced after September 1.

2. New design of the editing interface and sweepstakes setup

The sweepstakes administration and configuration panel has been redesigned to provide the administrator with a guided process and enable him or her to carry out the sweepstakes in just five clicks:

select a post

3. Incorporation of tools for excluding users:

With the aim of providing the administrator with more tools for managing the finalists of the sweepstakes, the application incorporates the following filters for excluding users:

  • A blacklist of users: enables you to keep a list of users who you don’t want taking part in your Facebook sweepstakes.
  • Exclusion of previous winners: this feature will help you avoid giving prizes to the same users again and again when carrying out regular sweepstakes.
  • Exclusion of specific users: this enables you to exclude any user from the sweepstakes at any time.

4. Carry out a sweepstakes among all users who have answered with a specific hashtag

When you want to carry out a sweepstakes among all users who have commented on a post, you will be able to filter which users can enter the sweepstakes by whether they have used a specific hashtag in their comment, excluding those users who haven’t used the hashtag.

When might it be useful to use this new feature?

  • To create a survey:Carry out a sweepstakes among all participants who have answered with one a series of proposed hashtags.
  • To organize a betting pool:Carry out a sweepstakes among all users who have used the winning hashtag in their comment.


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5. Carry out a test sweepstakes

The administrator can run a trial before carrying out the final sweepstakes, in order to see how the tool works and how the results are displayed with the name of the winners and alternates. The administrator can carry out as many tests as are required before launching the final sweepstakes.

sweepstakes test

6. Customizable screen for the publication of winners

Upon finalizing the sweepstakes, the system will provide you with a template that you can customize in order to publish the list of winners and alternates, together with a link to the certificate of validity. This screen comes ready to be published, but the application also provides the tools for you to tailor it to your taste.

In this way, you’ll be able to customize the screen in the following ways:

  • By uploading an image, giving the page greater visual customization.
  • By customizing the title and description in order to write your own message of congratulation to the winners.
  • If you have obtained alternate winners, you can decide whether you want to display these on the winners page.
  • You’ll be able to decide if you want to show the link to the certificate of validity on the winners page.

winners page

7. Publish the winners on Facebook and Twitter

Once you have customized the screen for announcing the winners and alternates, you will be able to share the page on your favorite social networks. This screen will include the names of the winners and alternates, as well as providing access to the certificate of validity allowing your users to consult the details of the sweepstakes.


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Publication date: 2015-07-23