International Women’s Day Giveaway Ideas for 2021

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International Women’s Day becomes a bigger celebration every year. On March 8th, social media will be painted purple with celebratory messages, campaigns, hashtags and awards. If you want to get involved, then a social media giveaway is a quick and easy way to show how much you appreciate your customers. Read on to find out how to organize an International Women’s Day giveaway on social media.

So why a giveaway? It’s a win-win situation. When you share a prize, your followers feel valued and rewarded – especially if you set up an interesting challenge to take part in. At the same time, you can collect comments or user-generated content to promote your upcoming social media campaign. And the best part? It couldn’t be easier to organize an International Women’s Day giveaway and pick a winner!

Let’s go through the basic steps to run an International Women’s Day giveaway in 5 minutes. And to give you some more inspiration we share some great Women’s Day giveaway ideas.

International Women’s Day social media giveaways are all about incentives

Social media is all about the visuals. So before anything else, you need to consider the design of your International Women’s Day giveaway.

The main motivation to join a giveaway is the incentive involved. It’s always a great idea to display the prize or post a video that shows the prizes on offer, simply because the audience wants to see what they can win.

But what prizes will be perfect for International Women’s Day? Clothing, perfumes, accessories, or beauty treatments are always popular with social media sweepstakes aimed at the female audience. You could also share an image related to International Women’s Day, or a “teaser” image that advertises the contest without giving any details away.

Remember, International Women’s Day social media giveaways can also aim at men! Let them be great boyfriends, husbands, sons, and friends, and give them a chance to win a present for the special women in their lives!

Ready-made image for an International Women's Day giveaway on Facebook

If you’re short on time or design experience, then you can use our ready-made social media templates. Just edit the template as a post and promote it on Stories on Facebook or Instagram.

Write a post to announce your International Women’s Day giveaway

Next, you need to think about the text of your giveaway post. There are a few key elements:

  • Explain the rules
  • Describe the prize
  • Give a call to action
  • Tell users where to access terms & conditions
  • Confirm that the giveaway is not organized or supported by the social network

Facebook post announcing an International Women's Day giveaway. When people comment with the name of their favorite female book character, they have the chance to win a bundle of books by women authors.

Those final two points are a legal requirement. But within this framework, you can create a highly motivating and effective post.

In a comments contest, the call to action is always a question. Ask your followers something open-ended, so that they can share original, heartfelt comments. Here are just a few International Women’s Day giveaway ideas:

  • Tell us about an inspiring woman in your life.
  • How do you pledge to support women on International Women’s Day?
  • What is your wish for women in the future?
  • How does your workplace celebrate International Women’s Day?
  • Tell us what women’s empowerment means to you.

Examples of effective International Women’s Day giveaway ideas for Instagram

We want you to make your giveaway as viral as possible! This is why we will now share some examples of fantastic social media giveaways celebrating women.

Canva International Women's Day giveaway

If your business provides online services, you can create an International Women’s Day giveaway similar to the one organized by Canva. The organizers opted for a comment-based giveaway, which always attracts attention and increases follower engagement! Interested followers were asked to follow Canva’s Instagram profile, and tag two friends in the comments section. Three winners got a free yearly subscription to the Canva platform!

International Women's Day giveaway

Here’s an example from a flower shop that organized an International Women’s Day Instagram Giveaway, following exactly the same requirements as Canva. Comment-based giveaways are very easy to join! Ask the participants to tag their friends as one of the entry requirements, and your giveaway will automatically receive more exposure and participants.

International Women's Day giveaway

This online shop launched a giveaway to celebrate International Women’s Day with their online community. The incentive involved in the giveaway was a makeup palette, which was a great motivator.

All these giveaways received a lot of public attention and high participation numbers. They were easy to set up and organize! Once your International Women’s Day giveaway comes to an end, use the Easypromos Instagram Giveaway tool, to draw a random winner.

If you have a very active community of followers online, then you can take things one step further! Ask for International Women’s Day photos and videos with a Mention + Hashtag Contest.

Maximize participation

Once you announce your International Women’s Day giveaway, it’s time to go viral. Creating a giveaway post is just the first step!

If you want to reach new users or have a specific target audience in mind, then Instagram and Facebook Ads are an excellent strategy. Create ads in post or Story format to publicize your giveaway as widely as possible.

Screenshot of an Instagram Story with a countdown sticker. The text overlay reads: "Time's almost up!"

However, if you don’t want to invest in ads, you still have plenty of options. Try these ideas:

  • Create multiple posts about your giveaway to attract more users
  • Link to the giveaway post in your Stories
  • Share a Story with a countdown sticker
  • Livestream the moment you select the winner to keep it simple
  • Cross-promote your giveaway on other social media networks
  • Collaborate with other brands to reach a wider audience

women's day giveaway ideas. example of how brands can promote instagram giveaways on facebook.

In the above example you can clearly see how a South African brand took it to Facebook to promote their Women’s Day giveaway on Instagram. They shared the promotional post along with a direct link to the promotion on Instagram. It’s a fantastic way of driving traffic to your other social media channels.

For maximum reach, you can run a giveaway on multiple social networks at the same time with our Multi-Network Giveaway app!

Your International Women’s Day giveaway is ready to go! Just wait for the comments to roll in! Then, when you’re ready, connect the giveaway posts to your Easypromos account and choose a random winner!

If you wish to organize a promotion to generate leads, visit our blog post with ideas for International Women’s Day promotions. And if you need help or advice, you can chat live with our support team. Do you have Women’s Day giveaway ideas that haven’t been shared in this blog post? Contact us!

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