Management of Winners and Prizes in Facebook and Twitter Giveaways

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Do you frequently carry out direct sweepstakes on your Facebook Page among users who comment on or ‘like’ your publications? Or do you carry out sweepstakes among users who retweet one of your Twitter tweets? These actions are quick to launch and, thanks to how easy they are to take part in, they are popular with users and can help you increase the visibility of your content and boost engagement with your community. However, once the sweepstakes has finished you might have found yourself with the problems of how to notify your winners and how to obtain their contact details to send them a prize. Or perhaps you have been in the situation of needing to substitute a winner. With such cases in mind we have updated the Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes applications with three new features. Their aim is to provide solutions to these problems and help the administrator manage the winners of the sweepstakes.

One of the aspects that consumes most time in sweepstakes is that of awarding prizes to the winners. This is especially true of sweepstakes in Facebook and Twitter giveaway picker app, in which the user doesn’t need to fill in any registration form or even leave their email address in order to take part.

With the aim of making it easier for administrators to carry out tasks related to the management of winners and the sending of prizes, we have incorporated three new features into Facebook and Twitter sweepstake applications. We will explain these in more detail below:

  1. Notifying the winners of sweepstakes
  2. Confirming the details of winners via the “Claim Your Prize” system
  3. Managing substitutions of winners for alternates

1. Notifying the winners of sweepstakes

You have carried out the sweepstakes and now have a list of winners and alternates. The next stage is to contact the lucky winners so that they can enjoy their prize as soon as possible. This is probably the greatest challenge and, at the same time, the most enjoyable part of the promotion: notifying the winners.

But how can you contact them? Until now, after announcing the result of the sweepstakes on the wall of the Facebook Page, the administrator has had to wait for the winners to get in touch with the Page before requesting their contact details and coordinate the sending of the prizes.  It is common in Facebook for the administrator to post on the Timeline asking winning users to get in touch via private message in order to manage the awarding of the prize. The problem with this method is that it’s always possible that the winner does not see this Facebook post.

The best solution is to carry out a sweepstakes in Facebook among users who have commented on the publication. In this case, it’s possible to notify the winner of the sweepstakes by replying to the winning comment. In this way, the winning user will automatically receive a Facebook notification, guaranteed to reach them.

To make administrators’ jobs easier, so they don’t have to answer each winning comment manually, we have incorporated a new feature available for all sweepstakes based on Facebook comments. This feature enables administrators to send a notification to winners of the sweepstakes by replying to their comment with a single click via the tool. This reply is 100% customizable: it can be the same for all winners or it can be individually tailored to each one. When administrators send this reply, winners will receive a notification via Facebook informing them that the Page organizing the sweepstake has responded to their comment. This tool provides a quick and direct line of communication between the Page and the winners.

The comment will be sent in the form of a public response to the comment posted by the user on the wall of the Page:

01-09-2015 10-02-43

Note: This feature is not available in sweepstakes among users who ‘like’ a publication. In such cases, we suggest you publish the winners as a new post to your Facebook Page.

For Twitter sweepstakes, the application provides a system for customizing the message for announcing winners. This enables you to mention each of the winners and provide a direct link to the results page of the sweepstake. By using the mention in Twitter, the winning user/s will automatically receive a direct notification.

2. A ‘Claim Your Prize’ system for confirming winners

Once the winners have been notified, you will need their contact details in order to send a prize to each of them. This can be very time-consuming. To facilitate this process we have developed the ‘Claim Your Prize’ system. This enables winners to confirm their details – which are then sent directly to the sweepstakes administrator – and claim their prize.

How will winners be able to claim their prize? The process is as simple as clicking on the ‘Claim Your Prize’ button displayed on the winners’ page, logging in via Facebook or Twitter (depending on which network the sweepstakes was held in) and filling in the required details on the form. A final screen will confirm that the user has successfully claimed the prize. His or her details will be sent directly to the sweepstake organizer.

See the ‘Claim Your Prize’ system explained graphically:

How the winners of a sweepstakes can claim their prize

The most interesting part of this feature is the opportunity it provides for customizing the registration form which winners must fill in to complete the process. The form comes configured by default with fields such as name, surnames and email, but the administrator can add extra text fields and dropdown menus if other details are required to complete the sending process (t-shirt size, model of product, etc.). Check boxes can also be added.

Claim your prize_entry form

Furthermore, to keep track of the winners who have already claimed their prize, the administrator will have access to a control panel from where to check the status of winners and view the details they provided in the form. This list of winners can be downloaded as an Excel file.

Discover how to enable and customize the ‘Claim Your Prize’ module in this tutorial

3. System for replacing winners with alternates

Have you been unable to contact the winner of the sweepstake? Have you found out that one of the winners is not really eligible for the prize and you need to make a change? To provide a solution to these problems, which most administrators have faced when carrying out sweepstakes, the application now includes the opportunity to replace winners with alternates.

How does it work? This feature enables you to substitute a winner with an alternate sweepstake entrant. To do this, you simply need to request alternate winners when you carry out the automatic sweepstakes. This means that once the sweepstakes has been held, you will obtain a list of winners and alternates. If for some reason you don’t wish to award the prize to one of the initial winners, you can use the ‘Substitute winner’ function. This will permit you to replace the initial winner with an alternate.

To boast even greater transparency in the eyes of users, the administrator will also be able to indicate the motive behind the substitution. This will be displayed on the winners’ screen so that users can see the changes you have made.

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