Why Boss’s Day Can be Ideal for Giving Promotional Codes

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Boss Day is observed every year on October 16th in the United States of America. It’s a day when the employees take the opportunity to thank their bosses. The day is meant to strengthen an employee and their boss’s relationship, and to generally promote a great working environment.

What Are Promotion Codes?

Boss’s Day is a great day to give promotional codes. A promotion code is basically a coupon code that is linked with a marketing discount. Shopkeepers generally give these codes to their regular customers, so that they can avail the discounts. There are basically three types of promotional codes:

  • Public: Anyone can use this coupon.
  • Private: These coupons generally have multiple users.
  • Restricted: These codes are only to be used by one user.


Why Give Promotion Codes On Boss Day?

You can choose Boss Day to give out promotional codes because it can be extremely profitable for your business. Here is how:


It Can Help You to Plan Profitable Activities

You can simply give out codes and let the people know about the sales and discounts that will take place on Boss Day. Encourage people to visit your shop or online store, and to avail the promotional code that they will get after they purchase something for their boss.


It Will Help You in Getting Information about Your Users

Promotional codes are a great way to get information about your users, such as their name, address, phone number, and email. You can use this information in future to let them know about any ongoing deals or discounts.  Furthermore, you will be able to track and see how much sale the promotional codes have generated.


It Will Convert Your Users into Buyers

Remember that people are always looking for deals and discounts, once they will learn that you are offering promotional codes, they will visit your business. Make sure your codes revolve around Boss’s Day, so that people can buy things for their boss, and in some cases bring them along. This will surely convert users or visitors into buyers.


It Will Increase the Number of Followers on Your Social Media Account

Once people will learn about the promotional codes, they will visit your social media accounts on Boss Day. This will increase the traffic to your website, and will help you in getting more followers.

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Publication date: 2015-10-16