5 Surefire Ways To Ensure A Facebook Sweepstakes Is Not A Hoax

Posted in: Digital marketingLast update: 04/05/22

It seems like almost daily Facebook friends are forwarding somewhat questionable opportunities to win things if you post a status, like or comment on as part of a sweepstakes/giveaway being posted on a person or company’s Facebook page. Some might be as simple as winning merchandise from a local retail establishment, or as grand as claims that Mark Zuckerberg is giving away millions of dollars to Facebook users for sharing a Facebook status, which is still making its way around this month.

And with giveaways being sent by trusted friends and family and very little, if any, filtering in place, it is often difficult to determine the validity of a sweepstakes, which for many can deter many from participating or sharing.  It’s not surprising. Let’s face it, it’s embarrassing when you share something in hopes of helping others win, only to have your friends respond with a scam alert for all to see.

So how can Facebook users be sure that a sweepstakes is actually legitimate?  We support thousands of Facebook sweepstakes globally each year, and have a compiled a recommended checklist for Facebook users to consider before ever engaging in a sweepstakes on Facebook, or any digital platform, for that matter.  These will protect a participant as well as eliminate any concerns in terms of sharing with friends and family.

A real sweepstakes will always meet the following 5 criteria:

  1. Terms & Conditions – Make sure the giveaway offers Terms & Conditions for participation through external links, and review them.
  2. Identification – Be sure you can identify clearly the company or person organizing the sweepstakes and are provided a way to contact them directly.
  3. Giveaway Date –Check for the exact date when the giveaway will be announced.
  4. Number of Entrants –Look to see if there is a way to see the current number of entrants.
  5. Random Draw Tool – Ensure they are using an app for running Facebook Giveaways to draw the winner.  This will also make sure that the sweepstakes is selecting a winner impartially, and not just selecting friends and family.

Similarly, companies, administrators and individuals planning to host a Facebook sweepstakes should ensure they have these steps in place as well to encourage participation and validate the legitimacy of their giveaway to all external audiences.  Pass it on.

Alexandra Cantos

Journalist and communication freelance. Digital marketing and Cultural communication skills. Global communication strategy specialist. Alexandra creates content for brand promotion and digital marketing strategies. She liaises with the media and has mainly worked with companies and institutions related to culture in Barcelona and Girona.

Publication date: 2015-12-16