4 Digital Marketing Trends Shaping Facebook Timeline Contests in 2016

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Best Practices for Going Beyond the “Like” to Fan and Follower Engagement

As the digital marketing industry looks ahead into 2016, we are finding the Facebook promotion landscape much changed. Initiating in 2013, when Facebook change its rules and enabled contests to be managed directly on the wall or page rather than Facebook app, brands began to evolve the way they measure the success of their Facebook page. Rather than counting the number of “Likes” or fans of a page, companies and brands began to interact through Facebook contests and promotions, growing their audiences through social media through quality relationships with users in the online world.

The shift has given way to a new method of measuring success – including the number of users reached (reach) and the number of interactions and reactions (likes, comments, shares) of users who view the publication instead.

As a result, we have seen usage of Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes grow more than 800% in 2015, driven by their simplicity and speed of implementation, efficiency in engaging users and ability to increase the scope of a post’s reach organically.

We’ve taken a closer look at a few of our larger global brands and identified four successful, industry-leading approaches, or “best practices” in the effective use of Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes on social media in 2015, which we believe will set the pace for how companies engage with their audiences through the use of social media promotions in 2016.

Best Practice #1 — The Facebook Trampoline

Companies are beginning to embrace strategies that drive traffic to, as well as beyond, Facebook to other social networks to amplify results. A top-tier global food & beverage client drove traffic from Facebook to Pinterest through a Timeline Sweepstakes based on post comments where answers would be found on their Pinterest profile. The program resulted in 400% more “Likes”, 600% more comments, and 500% more users sharing the post when compared to a normal post.

Best Practice #2 – Make it a Habit

Successful campaigns from 2015 chose to be redundant with the kind of prizes, and frequency. One large food brand repeated the same Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes every Wednesday, creating a habitual environment for followers and increasing their rate of interest and engagement. Top brands also chose to reward the same product in consecutive giveaways, and action that is increasing brand awareness exponentially.

Best Practice #3 — Complimentary Co-Branding

One forward-thinking brand partnered with other brands offering complimentary services to increase engagement and share audiences between brands. The strategy resulted in more 541 shares and more than 1,600 comments, reaching 77,000 people in a single day, representing significant increase in organic reach and engagement than past promotions the brands had done on their own.

Best Practice #4 – Waking Sleeping Followers

More and more, companies are finding Facebook Timeline contests to be effective tools in the quest to generate brand loyalty with their audiences. One brand which had a specific goal of generating greater loyalty did so by posting an entertaining Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes and compelling giveaway aimed at the company’s more than 100,000 followers – many who had been inactive. The simple strategy resulted in skyrocketing organic engagement through more than 7000 shares and 4000 comments.

A few years ago, the success of business in this environment was measured by the number of fans. Now what really counts is the ability to interact with them through the content. We believe popularity of Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes will continue to grow in 2016.

Marian Jubany

She is in charge of the Easypromos customer care team. She has two degrees in Communications & Humanities, with extensive experience in the mass media sector and customer assistance for tourism. She joined Easypromos in 2013, and is the most visible face of its excellent customer service. She is the mom of a cute baby girl, loves watching films and animals; she has a cat and a dog.

Publication date: 2016-01-15