How to carry out a Facebook sweepstakes by using multiple posts

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Now you can carry out a sweepstakes on your Facebook Timeline by including Likes and comments of multiple posts with the Facebook giveaway tool. This new feature allows to accumulate users who Like or comment on multiple posts of your Facebook page and carry out a single sweepstakes among all of them. In this post we give you some ideas of how you can make the most out of this option.

1. Carry out reminders for a single sweepstakes

If you have published on your Facebook Page a sweepstakes that is going to last for several days, a good practice to encourage and engage your fans is to publish various posts over the course of the week, reminding users to take part. In this way you can reach new users, since the more posts you make, the further they will reach.


2. Launch a different question every day for a week and carry out a sweepstakes among all of them.

Facebook sweepstakes are an excellent way of improving interactions in your Facebook Page, and if you also present the sweepstakes as a challenge or game, users will be more prepared to take part, thus increasing levels of participation. If you also organize regular sweepstakes for your followers on your Page, you will keep your users engaged and looking forward to the next sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes with fun and entertaining dynamics are very successful among communities of followers of a brand. Therefore, you can organize a week-long campaign in which users must answer the question of the day, or you can challenge your fans with a new riddle or puzzle each day. Upon finalizing the campaign you can carry out a sweepstakes among all those who participated during the course of the week.


3. Have you published a post and now wish to promote it but Facebook but won’t let you?

You’ve posted the announcement of your sweepstakes to your Page and after a few days you decide to promote it with publicity to reach more users. However, the creative content accompanying the post does not meet Facebook’s requirements for promoting a post and therefore your ad is not approved.

What can you do? Don’t worry because you have a solution: publish a new post with creative content that meets Facebook’s specifications. In this way you will have two posts announcing the sweepstakes, but once the participation period is over you will be able to include participants who responded to either of the posts.


4. Reward fans who like your Facebook Timeline posts during the week

Show gratitude for the likes on your timeline posts by carrying out a weekly sweepstakes among all the users who click “like”. You can announce the prize and the dynamics on Monday: all users who like your weekly timeline posts will be entered into the draw. You are asking for a specific and easy action, which will surely generate a good response on users and a lot of interaction. At the end of the week, all you’ll have to do is carry out a sweepstakes, select all the posts to accumulate all the users and pick a winner. Unlike other more complicated contests, this type of sweepstakes can be planned weekly because they’re easy to manage, so they can be used as a regular action to keep improving engagement with your fans.

Do you need more information about how to manage your sweepstakes with this new feature? Find a step by step tutorial to create a sweepstakes with multiple posts.


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Publication date: 2016-01-25