Go “Native” To Encourage Greater Follower Engagement and Reach

Posted in: Business newsLast update: 20/05/16

In a great many regions around the world, while everyone may speak the national language, the language they consider to be “native” is different.  For example, in Easypromo‘s home country of Spain, while the majority of our countrymen may speak Spanish, in many cases, Spanish is not most people’s first or “native” language.  Many of us here in the Barcelona area have been raised speaking Catalan, for example, and in the north Basque and Galician, and so on.  Further, many of our residents prefer to speak their native tongue over Spanish.

The problem isn’t unique to Spain, as countless countries and regions worldwide such as Belgium, Canada, Ireland and even cities like Miami and Los Angeles face similar language challenges when wanting to engage with a community.

Now imagine that you are a company in one of these regions, such as a hospitality company or a global brand wanting to engage audiences with a promotional campaign, and ensure the greatest engagement and reach. You have two choices: You can offer one promotion in the national language, such as English in Canada or the United States, which would certainly be read and understood by a wide audience, but perhaps not appeal to those whose native language might be Spanish or French.  Or you could pursue the complicated task of tailoring your promotion to other languages. But how would you make sure it was seen by those native speakers in that language, and wouldn’t it mean building more than one promotion and having to pull response data from separate places?

This is an issue near and dear to our hearts at Easypromos, as a great percentage of our business coming from Spain and countries with similar complicated language structures. We heard from our clients the importance of a multi-language platform that not only allows personalization of content, but enables a marketer to build a promotion in several languages, tailor and personalize corresponding communications from the landing page to auto email responses, and cull responses into a single database so they wouldn’t  have to tabulate responses manually using separate versions.

Recently we announced the launch of our multi-language platform which does just that.  A marketer can build as many versions of the promotion as is relevant to their target audience and the participant will see the promotion in the language in which they are most comfortable, depending on their browser setting.  This ensures the highest participation and sharing.

As the world continues to shrink, and cultural boundaries fade, it is our view that honoring a person’s heritage through tailored promotions that reflect their native language will be the most effective, and set our clients apart by encouraging maximum engagement and sharing.  This is one of the many ways we are using the “small details” to make sure our promotions are the best, most effective, and most engaging for our global audience.

Silvia Marti Ferrer

Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team

Publication date: 2016-03-23