3 Facebook Sweepstakes that Bring On Engagement

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Giveaways on Facebook are a great way to gain exposure and grow your business on social. In this post we’ll show you 3 ways to massively engage your audience without having to invest equally massive amounts of money.

A Facebook Giveaway lives right in your newsfeed as a post in which people are motivated to like, comment and share, thereby gaining significantly more exposure than other posts in your feed.

Here are 3 ways to structure your contests:

1. Facebook Likes Sweepstakes

The goal of this contest is to encourage people to like your post. This can give you wider exposure on Facebook as their friends see that they have liked your post and may venture over to your page to like it as well. We all want to gain new customers and this is a worthy way to obtain wider readership of your contentOur recent study showed this type of contest generates on average 700 more likes than normal posts.

2. Facebook Comments Giveaway

Another way to encourage people to participate on your contest is by motivating them to leave a comment. This is particularly great for viral performance as friends of your posters may wish to interact with these comments or leave their own. We’ve all seen comments on our feed from time to time that catches our eyes, makes us think and sometimes entices us to act. Well this is no different, except you are attaching the possibility of winning a prize for taking action. In addition, this builds social proof as others can see the types of interaction with your brand. And, depending on how the contest is set up, responses may even validate the claims you make about your products and services.

3. Facebook Hashtag Contest

Add a layer of competitiveness to your contest encouraging people to pick among a list of hashtags, or ask for people’s opinions in a poll. In either event you will introduce various hashtags for your audience to choose among. Who can resist entering this type of contest? Not I, nor many of the members among your audience. In addition, the contest becomes easy and fun to share among friends which is what we all want, right. At the end of the contest publish the stats among the hashtags encouraging your audience to return to your newsfeed.

With the above three contests you can let the viral features of Facebook do your heavy lifting when it comes to achieving exposure and reach. If you wish to boost your post with paid ads you can get even great results. Once you condition your audience to interact with your posts you will start to see not only higher numbers of engagement buy higher quality. This is a great time to introduce ‘entry form’ based giveaways and quizzes or surveys so you can begin to pull this audience into your newsletter, give them a coupon and turn them into customers.

Create your own Facebook Timeline Contest now and start boosting your engagement!

Brian McNeil-Smith

Easypromos General Manager - North America

Publication date: 2016-07-04