How one brand used Facebook giveaways to own their database of leads

Posted in: Success casesLast update: 04/09/19

What’s more effective: a Facebook giveaway, or a classic prize draw with a registration form to capture leads? Here’s how the María Lunarillos brand combined both to get more reach and more leads on Facebook.

In this case study, we’re taking a look at two very different types of promotion.

  • In a Facebook giveaway, people interact with your post, which increases your reach and helps more people see your Facebook Page.
  • In a giveaway with registration form, anyone can sign up and share their contact details – they don’t need a Facebook account, and you can save their information in your own CRM database.

Both types of promotion have obvious advantages and disadvantages. But what happens when you combine Facebook giveaways with a registration form? Let’s find out!

The client

María Lunarillos started out as a recipe blog for cakes and sweet treats by María del Mar Díaz. What began as hobby is now a benchmark in the world of baking blogs. As well as the María Lunarillos blog, the brand now also sells cookware, craft tools, ingredients and party accessories in Spain and Portugal.

María Lunarillos has a powerful social media presence, too. The brand boasts over 180,000 Facebook followers, 96,000 Instagram followers, and over 800,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Screenshots of the María Lunarillos pages on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The strategy

So what is the secret to María Lunarillos’ success on social media?

  • Well-crafted content which invites a lot of interaction from followers.
  • Responsive social media managers. Take a quick look at the María Lunarillos Facebook page – every comment from a follower gets answered.
  • Regular, targeted Facebook giveaways. María Lunarillos has run social media giveaways for years. Every single promotion has a carefully chosen audience, design, and prize, all with the goal of creating a high-quality community where followers convert to customers.

Are Facebook giveaways effective?

In terms of engagement, the results are truly amazing. Even though María Lunarillos has prioritized quality over quantity of followers, every Facebook giveaway results in a big boost for engagement.

According to our own research, a Facebook giveaway can result in…

  • 716% more likes
  • 1774% more comments
  • 1582% more shares

In María Lunarillos’ case, the Facebook giveaway collected 5,900 comments and 3,400 shares.