Experiential Marketing Via a Multi-language Photo Contest

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Experiential marketing seeks to create an emotional connection between a brand and its clients. This connection can then serve as an effective brand ambassador. It’s about selling an experience rather than merely a service. Such was the thinking behind the #h10moments promotional campaign launched by H10 Hotels. This blog post will provide an in-depth description of H10’s campaign.

In the increasingly competitive tourism sector, hotels need to find ways of standing out from the competition. The differences between chains are often not that significant, so brands must find novel ways of differentiating themselves from their competitors and attracting new customers. A customer’s final decision is frequently due to the emotional connection that he/she feels with the brand, or to what other customers have shared of their own personal experiences via comments or – as in this case – photographs.


1. The Client

h10hotelsH10 Hotels was established in the early 80s when it began operating in Spain’s leading holiday destinations. The company now has 55 hotels in 18 locations – comprising a total of more than 14,000 rooms, most of which are owned by the company. H10 Hotels is one of the top 10 hotel chains in Spain and it is currently expanding across Europe and the Caribbean. H10 is committed to satisfying its clients by offering them privileged locations, specialized services, meticulously selected cuisine, and facilities which are renovated constantly to guarantee the highest quality.


2. The Campaign

The #h10moments campaign scheduled for summer 2016 had the following objectives:

  • Encouraging guests to take photos commemorating “moments” spent in the hotels over the summer of 2016, with the goal of attracting potential new customers.
  • Increasing followers of their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.
  • Encouraging customer interaction at POS.
  • Keeping the brand’s social networks active over the summer.
  • Loyalizing the brand’s existing clients by offering the chance to enter the sweepstakes to paying guests only.


 3. The Solution

In order to implement its experiential marketing strategy, the hotel chain decided to run a photo contest, giving their guests the opportunity to enter via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The promotion was open only to guests staying at a H10 hotel. Guests were encouraged to upload a photo taken inside the facilities, accompanied by the name of the particular hotel.

The proposal was as follows: “Share your unforgettable summer moment by uploading a photo from an H10 Hotel. Make sure you include the name of the hotel and the hashtag #h10moments.”


Multi-language contest

Well aware that their guests come from many countries, H10 decided to use the multi-language feature provided in the White Label version of Easypromos. The contest was presented in Spanish and English in order to provide a unique, personalized experience for their clients.

Multi-language support makes it possible to translate the promotion interface and display it to participants in different languages. Contents are adapted automatically according to the language configured in the participant’s browser, ensuring that participants can view the application in their own languages. Personalizing content by displaying it in the language used by your followers and customers brings added value to your promotion.

concurso multi idioma

4. Sharing the Campaign

The campaign was shared online via the brand’s website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.) It was also disseminated via a newsletter mailed to the company’s database of customers.

The campaign’s success was also thanks to POS promotional material encouraging guests to enter the contest. This material included horizontal and vertical displays located in the most frequently transited areas of the hotels: reception, elevators, the bar, etc.


5. The Result

– The campaign achieved an extremely high participation rate in the three social networks proposed: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

– This photo gallery is proof of the fact that the brand’s objective was achieved. The photos show off hotel facilities, as well as depicting guests enjoying themselves. These are important factors when it comes to attracting new customers.

– Translating the promotion ensured that guests from a variety of countries were able to take part. Participants from all over the world posted photos to their private profiles, always including the name of the hotel they were staying in: undoubtedly an excellent way to carry out branding.

Does your brand or company have customers and followers from many countries? Do they speak different languages? Find out more about Easypromos multi-language support.


Silvia Esteve

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Publication date: 2016-09-19