Running Several Sweepstakes from a Single Facebook Post

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You can now create a post on your Facebook Page and run a number of sweepstakes from it quickly, easily and transparently. The Easypromos Sweepstakes Platform allows you to create more than one sweepstakes from a single post. It also enables you to clearly identify the sweepstakes individually so that participants can see the winners of each sweepstakes. This feature comes with the Basic subscription, helping you to give your sweepstakes strategy continuity and diversity.

Some ideas about running several sweepstakes that can be useful:

One prize for Likes and another for comments

If you want to reward participants who Like your post, as well as those who comment on it, you could carry out two sweepstakes – one for each action. Users who have Liked and commented on the post will be entered into both sweepstakes, giving them twice as much chance of winning a prize :-). This feature could also be a quick and useful way of carrying out a mini survey: present two products and ask users to choose one or the other by either Liking your post or commenting on it. Then run two sweepstakes, offering each group of participants – Likers and commenters – the chance to win their chosen prize.

A sweepstakes for each type of prize

Do you have a number of prizes to give away? Instead of running a single sweepstakes with a specific number of winners, you could carry out a series of sweepstakes – one for each winner. This means that the winner of each prize will be identified exclusively and directly.

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Daily or hourly sweepstakes

Another way to dynamize the action of your post is to carry out a sweepstakes every day or every hour, providing participants with plenty of chances to win a prize. Each time you run a new sweepstakes from the post, everyone who has Liked or commented on the post will have another chance to win – just like putting all the numbers back into the hat. This will generate a state of constant expectation among users, encouraging more and more people to take part. Easypromos also offers a tool for excluding prior winners from taking part in subsequent sweepstakes.

Would you like to give these actions a try? Log in to the Dashboard now and create your first Facebook Sweepstakes.


Sweepstakes based on hashtags

Another way of increasing the diversity of sweepstakes is to select winners based on the hashtag they use in the comment. Imagine you’re an ice-cream manufacturer and you run a sweepstakes from a Facebook Page post, asking followers to say which of your ice cream flavors they like best. Each participant responds by sharing his or her favorite flavor: #Banana, #Pear, #Strawberry, #Chocolate, etc. What could be better than using these hashtags to collect entries according to flavor and then carrying out one sweepstakes for banana, one for pear, and so on? Participants will have the chance to win their favorite ice cream. Everyone will be happy with their chosen prize! There’s no doubt that diversifying your prizes and allowing participants to choose their favorite will generate more engagement than simply offering a single prize.

These three ways of using multiple sweepstakes in Facebook enable you to extend the life of your posts and, above all, increase engagement. The administration of the organizer will play a vital role in the success of the sweepstakes. This should include using the post to communicate important information, such as: clearly indicating the number of sweepstakes, differentiating each sweepstakes, responding to doubts, answering questions and explaining how to enter.

Publish your first Facebook Sweepstakes now and see how it promotes and dynamizes your Page.

Silvia Marti Ferrer

She is in charge of the Easypromos marketing team. She holds degrees in Journalism and PR & Advertising, with a special focus on inbound marketing and digital marketing. She joined Easypromos in 2014. In her spare time she loves hiking, cooking or doing crafts, always sharing this time with her daughters.

Publication date: 2016-09-06