The New Pick a Winner App – Choose Random Winners of your Giveaways

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Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced the launch of its Pick-A-Winner App, a new tool which enables users to randomly pick a winner by uploading a list of offline participants from any Excel, CSV or Text file to the new app. The Pick-A-Winner App brings the speed, functionality and impartiality of Easypromos Sweepstakes platform to users who would have had to otherwise pick a winner manually from a list.

Online sweepstakes have grown to be wildly popular and successful digital marketing tools on Facebook and Twitter, as they generate excitement, sharing and incentivize people to participate for a chance to win,” said Carles Bonfill, co-founder and CEO of Easypromos. “Our new Pick-A-Winner App bridges this online functionality into an offline market, enabling those who had wanted to hold a sweepstakes using an offline list, like one collected during a trade show, through an email newsletter, or from people who commented on a blog post, to select a winner randomly and impartially through a simple upload. This allows individuals to tap into the buzz we see driving participation through online sweepstakes, offline.

Historically, picking a winner manually has raised concern among the pool of participants on whether the winner was chosen in an impartial way. The new Pick-A-Winner App brings the full resources of the Easypromos Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes tools, which enables hosts to pick a winner, alternate winners and generate a Certificate of Validity guaranteeing participants that the sweepstakes has been carried out fairly.

Easypromos offers suggestions on ways to use the new app in a recent blog including a video on functionality of app.

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Publication date: 2016-10-21