Run a Sweepstakes for Users who Comment on your Blog

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If one of your objectives for your blog is to energize your readers to express their opinions about the subjects published on your blog, use a sweepstakes to encourage them to comment on your articles. In this way, you’ll obtain valuable information about your visitors, such as whether they agree with your blogpost; what concerns or doubts they may have; which of your content they value most, and so on.

If your objective is to obtain better feedback from visitors to your blog, you can incentivize them by organizing a sweepstakes between everyone who comments. Announce the sweepstakes on your blog so that readers find out about it and can leave their opinions.

Here are some ideas on how you can implement this action:

  • Make your blog more attractive by activating the comments section. This means that people will provide you with their names, surnames, and email addresses which you can then copy and paste into an Excel, CSV, or text file to create a database of all your clients.
  • Make sure you ask your readers to provide essential information, but don’t ask them for too much or you’ll discourage them from taking part.
  • Always respond to comments. That way you’ll generate an atmosphere of trust with your readers.
  • End the article by asking readers to share their opinions or ideas about the subject of the blogpost. Invite them to ask you any questions they may have about the article.
  • Use the blog to announce that all readers who comment on your blogpost will be entered in an active sweepstakes. Use Easypromos’ free tool for legal bases to announce the prize and create a database. Give a detailed outline of the conditions of the promotion.


How can you run the sweepstakes easily and transparently?

All you need to do is download the comments to an Excel, CSV or Text file and select the “Pick-A-Winner App”. This will enable you to create the sweepstakes by importing information from the file. The tool will randomly select one or more prizewinners from the list, and you’ll be able to display a certificate of validity guaranteeing transparency to your participants. If you have the email addresses of participants, you can notify prizewinners by email through the Easypromos platform itself.

¡Access the Easypromos Dashboard and launch your sweepstakes in minutes!


Gabriel Cruz

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Publication date: 2016-11-16