6 Ideas for a Viral Selfie Video Contest for Your Brand

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The huge growth in smartphone use and the ongoing craze for selfies have created a very favorable climate for video contests. Until recently, video contests weren’t used often because making, editing, and uploading a video to a platform required too much effort from participants. But new technology has made it almost as easy to enter a contest with a video as with a photo. And if you ask participants to film themselves talking – or answering a question – about something they’re interested in, you have all the ingredients for a successful contest. Would you like some more ideas on how to get started with your first video contest? Ask your target audience to submit video selfies!

The rapid advance of mobile technology and the widespread use of smartphones, along with other developments, mean that it’s now almost as easy for a participant to film a video as take a photo. New operating systems now even include live photos. Social media – especially instant messaging apps like WhatsApp – has given users the means through which to distribute video quickly, casually, and regularly. Apps that provide editing tools are also extremely popular: Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook all allow users to upload text, manipulate faces, attach images and more. Get the most out of these latest technological tools by running a selfie video contest and giving users the chance to compete for a fantastic prize. You can find some ideas about organizing selfie video contests below.

Prepare your New Year’s resolution!

The most important holiday in many parts of the world is Christmas. Millions of people celebrate by travelling with their family and friends, discovering new countries and cultures. During this holiday period people also start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. Carry out a Selfie Video Contest inviting participants to share their New Year’s resolutions or say where they’re going to spend Christmas. Alternatively, if you’re prepared for some constructive criticism, how about asking your customers to film themselves offering suggestions on how your brand could improve over the next year. You won’t believe the things that customers will say about you and your products. Especially if you award them for their honesty and effort with a fabulous prize.

Ask users to say what they think is best about you

There’s no better marketing for a brand than a satisfied customer recommending your product or service to friends. If your brand works for a tourist destination, it should be very easy to find plenty of satisfied customers. Carry out a selfie video contest between your customers and ask them to share their experience. They’ll enjoy telling others about their holiday and seeing themselves in your gallery. They’ll feel so proud of their holiday that they’ll even ask their friends to vote for them. In this way your brand will spread across the internet immediately. Run a video contest simply, efficiently, and quickly, The winner/s will be picked via a random sweepstakes, and a Certificate of Validity will be generated, providing transparency to your contest.


¿Not sure about the topic? Ask users to get creative!

If you’re looking for something a bit different to motivate your community, why not suggest that they film themselves sharing a surprising real-life anecdote or making up a tall tale? Ask them to mention your brand at some point in their story. In this way, they’ll generate videos with different themes, and your brand will be viralized through voting and sharing.

Want something even more entertaining? Jokes and tongue twisters never fail! Encourage participants to film themselves telling a joke or saying a tongue twister in a funny and original way.


Get ready to be impressed with a fun playback

Smartphone apps can provide the perfect support to generate brand engagement with a video selfie. Encourage your users to take part by recording themselves doing a fun playback of a popular saying, song, or humorous sketch. You can be sure there’ll be plenty of users who are excited about sharing their creation online, especially if there’s a prize up for grabs.


video competition

Let them show off with a video selfie

These days, people are happier than ever to show off their talents in public. If you’re thinking of organizing a talent contest, why not ask users to create a video selfie explaining why they think they should be picked? Video selfie contests can be a great method for choosing the most talented finalists. You could even present the video selfies of finalists on a public platform and ask users to vote for their favorites. With the Easypromos fraud control system, managing the contest will be easy and safe.

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Let users celebrate their favorite soccer moment

Make the most of any sporting event and demonstrate why your company should be the star of the show. Sports can play an important part in promoting your company, as a sponsor of a team or an athlete. Capture the attention of the audience by sponsoring a sports team that you think fits your brand. Or you can ask users to film a video selfie of themselves, along with other fans of their favorite teams, explaining why their team should be the one to receive sponsorship from your company.

So, now you know how to increase the visibility of your brand with a selfie video competition! What are you waiting for? Create your own selfie video contest in minutes!

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Publication date: 2017-02-22