How to Run a YouTube Sweepstakes to Promote your Product or Brand

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If you work in marketing, you already know that visual content is king, thanks to how it engages with the public. And you’ll almost certainly be aware of the phenomenal growth of YouTube, which now has over a billion users. You also might know that during an average month, eight out of 10 people between the ages of 18 and 49 watch YouTube. For this reason, you should think about making the most of this platform to promote your products. We outline the key methods for doing this below.

It used to be tricky to run sweepstakes on this channel because there were no professional tools to help you. Now, with the Easypromos YouTube Sweepstakes tool, you can run your sweepstakes professionally and transparently. The tool enables you to randomly select prizewinners, and it generates a Certificate of Validity to give transparency to the process. The prizewinners can be displayed via a customizable URL. Check the following options and decide which is best for your brand strategy:


Energize your YouTube channel

If you frequently generate valuable content for your YouTube channel and you’d like to increase engagement and interaction with your subscribers and users, organize a sweepstakes between everyone who comments on your latest video. Ask viewers to leave a comment saying what they think of the video. Take the opportunity to carry out little surveys about what subjects your viewers are interested in, or what content they’d like to see in your next episode. In this way, the sweepstakes will enable you to gather more comments from your viewing community. You’ll obtain more information about your audience and you’ll be able to offer them more interesting content in the future.


Gain visibility in search engines

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Many people use this platform to search for content that interests them. If you have a YouTube channel, you’ll want your videos to be well positioned in this search engine to enhance the pull of your audiovisual content and ensure that your products reach their target audience. To improve the SEO of your videos you’ll need to think carefully about the following: keywords for the title, description and tags; organization of the videos in playlists; external links; social network diffusion; and visitor interaction: likes, comments and shares. You can boost the response from your community by running a sweepstakes between all the comments received by your videos, thus increasing the presence of your audiovisual content in YouTube.

Better SEO, more visits, and stronger positioning. Try it now by creating a sweepstakes with one of your YouTube videos! The first YouTube sweepstakes is free!


Increase views of your video

Another reason for having a YouTube channel is to disseminate interesting content about a product or brand. For example, perhaps you’d like viewers to watch a demo showing them a new product to accelerate the buying process. Perhaps you’re certain that as soon as viewers see how the product works, and what benefits it has, they’ll decide to buy it. Ask users a question, then encourage them to watch the video to find out the correct answer. As soon as they have the answer, they can enter the sweepstakes.
The YouTube Sweepstakes tool enables you to import comments via a hashtag system. You can then separate them based on their answers. You’ll be able to carry out a sweepstakes between everyone who commented on the video, or just between those who got the right answer.


Increase subscribers and visits

If you wish to increase visits and subscriptions to your YouTube channel, organize regular sweepstakes. Promote the sweepstakes through your brand’s social networks and direct traffic to your YouTube channel. Announce that you’ll organize a sweepstakes each week, or every 15 days, to incentivize visitors to subscribe to your channel and keep up to date with all the promotions and advantages on offer.


Promote your product with the help of YouTubers

Perhaps you don’t have a YouTube channel but you’re still interested in carrying out promotions via this channel? There are lots of opportunities for doing so. We’re sure you’ve heard of YouTubers and YouTube influencers. These are individuals whose YouTube profiles are heavily subscribed, generating extremely high levels of engagement. YouTubers create diverse content which users follow closely. Each YouTuber is usually specialized in a specific area. Healthy living; beauty and fashion; games; cookery; and travel are the most common specialties. The fact that each influencer covers a particular area generates added value for their channel, as their audiences are highly segmented according to their followers’ interests. This means the brand can choose one or more YouTubers depending on the product, knowing that they’ll have an impact on their objective audience.


Many collaborative actions are currently being carried out between YouTubers and brands. These influencers promote products through a variety of methods. One method is simply to film a video showing and reviewing the product. Working with the YouTuber, you can increase viewers’ engagement with the video by entering everyone who leaves a comment into a sweepstakes, with the product as a prize. In this way, you’ll optimize video views and promote the brand content.

As you can see, there are many ways of promoting a brand and boosting user interaction on YouTube. So, what are you waiting for? Log in to the dashboard now and run your first YouTube sweepstakes free of charge!


Randi Jensen

International Business Developer in Easypromos

Publication date: 2017-02-16