Ideas to create a Facebook Live Survey

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Do you want to test the possibilities of Facebook Live on your Facebook page? Create a live survey with the application Facebook Live Polls without the need of having any technical knowledge. This tool allows you to ask your community about some matter that awakens their interest and is aligned with the goals of your brand so that you achieve to increase the engagement of your followers with your Facebook page and increase the organic reach remarkably. Do you need some ideas to implement this marketing action in your Facebook page? Use one of the ideas that we explain below.

Attention! As of May 16, 2017, our Facebook Live Polls app is no longer available as it doesn’t comply with the new change to Facebook’s policy on the use of the Facebook Live API and therefore it’s not possible to run Facebook Live polls and surveys with Easypromos. You can read more about it here.

Discover the habits, customs and likings of your users

Christmas, for example, is a special time where many fun and happy moments are shared with the family, friends, colleagues, etc. Take advantage of this event or other annual events and holidays to encourage your online community to respond to your Facebook Live Survey. Broadcast the development of the question live and suggest various answers with words or hashtags. For example: “Who will you share Christmas with this year?” Answer with ‘Friends’, ‘Partner’ or ‘Family’. Encourage all of your Facebook fans to answer the survey with a comment in the Live broadcast using one of the indicated words.


Create a football poll for the pre-match

Do you want to create some debate during the pre-match? Do you want to know the opinion of all the users regarding the final of the football league? Create a survey with Facebook Live asking your followers to comment who, according to their opinion, will be the winner of the match or the tournament. You can, for example, ask all the followers of your Facebook page: “Who will win the Premier League 2017?” and suggest they respond with the name or the hashtag of the club: #Arsenal, #ManchesterUnited, #Chelsea. Get even more interaction from your followers by giving away a prize among all the participants who comment on the video during the live broadcast.


Find out your customer’s experience

If you’re a brand who manage tourist destinations, you could create a Facebook Live survey to get to know your customers’ level of satisfaction. Post the survey on your Facebook page and  encourage the customers to explain their travel experience by commenting with the hashtags you choose. For example: “Was the holiday with G Travels satisfactory?” Answer Yes or No and explain why”. Encourage the users to comment on your broadcast of the survey by using one of the indicated words. Incentivize their participation by giving away a prize or a discount code for their next holiday. Come on! You’ll soon see how entertaining it is to use the Facebook Live Survey!


Awaken the football fans

Is there a big upcoming sporting event in your city or country? Do you want to know what the expectations are before the big event? Then don’t wait any longer to create a Live survey. You can establish the options for the answers with different words and ask that the users participate by commenting the live video with some of those words. You will get real time results! You can use this structure for example: “Who will win El Clasico?” and use as possible answers #Barcelona #Tie #RMadrid. Not all use the hashtags? You can also suggest answers without hashtags to be able to count the users who don’t use them as participants as well. And if you want, you can reward the participants with a ticket to the match, coupons, products or discounts.



Get evaluation of your products

You can do a small product study of the products your company offers. Choose two or more products from your catalogue and create your own Facebook Live Survey, then gather the answers that the users leave in the comments. Ask your followers to choose their favorite product by commenting the live video and answer by using one of the specific words. That way you get the users’ answers in real time.

Now you know; you can increase the visibility of your brand on Facebook thanks to Live surveys! Get going and create your own Facebook Live Survey in just a few minutes!


Randi Jensen

International Business Developer in Easypromos

Publication date: 2017-02-14