Lead Nurturing Strategies with Promo Codes for Enhancing the Relationship with your Audience

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Visits to your website are increasing and your social media network continues to grow, but all this hard work doesn’t appear to be reflected in your sales. You can’t seem to take full advantage of all the effort that you’ve put into lead generation via the various campaigns you’ve implemented. Your leads are not making purchases in your online and physical stores. Here’s a question… Are you talking to your community?

You should think about whether you’ve been able to establish a relationship of trust with your followers, deepening your knowledge of your leads to find out what each of them expects from you. It’s important to encourage participation and listen to what participants have to say to you. This is the secret of success: find out what your leads need and then offer it to them.

This is where Lead Nurturing comes in to revolutionize your digital world. It will help you situate each contact in the purchase cycle and awaken their interest in the products and services of your brand.

One technique that is widely embraced by users and effective at encouraging purchases is lead nurturing with promotional codes. You have a community and you have leads. Work with this precious treasure and help them advance through the sales funnel. What you’re looking for is to liven up your community, encourage your followers to become involved with you and your community, and encourage them to buy your products, right? Show them the way, and they’ll appreciate the fact that you’re making an effort to appeal to them by offering a discount on your products.


How to apply lead nurturing with promotional codes?

Think about which type of campaign you’d like to prepare and define your objective clearly:

  1. You’ve launched a new product and want to encourage people to try it.
  2. You want to have a big impact by focusing on the product or service that sells best.
  3. If what you want is to leave the promotion open and allow participants to use the discount in the way that they choose, you could make the promotional code applicable to everything in your store. In this way, you’ll know which product each of your leads ends up buying.

These types of campaigns – as well as being a call to action and an effective way to encourage purchases – help with the loyalization of clients, and they are also a great source of information. Customers who are willing to leave their details in exchange for a discount are those who feel genuinely attracted to the brand and interested in its products and services.

The most common method to distribute promotional codes online is via email marketing campaigns or social media. Click To Tweet

OK. Now, once you are clear about your objective, you should think about the dynamic for code distribution or how you intend to make the codes available to users. The most common method is to distribute the promotional codes online, via email marketing campaigns or social media for example. User must first complete a brief form, providing information about themselves. They will then be allowed to download a promotional code (remember that asking users to provide too much information will put them off taking part in your campaign). There are different methods for downloading the codes:

  • QR Code.
  • Barcodes.
  • Alphanumeric code.

Offer participants the option of printing the promotional code, saving it to PDF or having it sent to their email. Once they have the promotional code, participants will be able to use it to carry out their purchases. Remember to indicate to users how long the codes will remain valid. This will give greater relevance to the prize and motivate purchase, and you’ll also be able to gauge the impact of the campaign and quickly obtain details of the codes redeemed. The conclusions obtained will be highly valuable in getting to know your leads and launching future campaigns.

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Publication date: 2017-03-31