New changes in the Facebook Page Plugin – Pay attention!

Posted in: Applications for FacebookLast update: 15/06/17

Just like the administrators of Facebook pages are used to the constant updates and changes in the social network, developers of applications that interact with Facebook are also subject to these changes. The latest news that was detected is that Facebook has changed the conditions for using the Facebook Page Plugin which allows to insert and promote all Facebook pages in a web site very easily. This plugin no longer works in some pages: We explain why and give you some solutions.

Many administrators have reported a bug in the Facebook Page Plugin on the Facebook Developers Platform. The plugin allows to embed the Like-button or Like-box to a Facebook Page in a website. The options showed in blank and users couldn’t click to Like the page. This plugin is very much used in websites because it helps convert the visitors to the web into fans. Just like on Facebook, the visitors can indicate that they like a page or they want to share it without leaving the site.

It’s a change that Facebook has applied without communicating it and that’s why the developers didn’t know about it. Facebook has decided that from now on, this plugin can only be used with pages that are completely public, without any restrictions like age or country. Even though it hasn’t been communicated, the information on the page of the plugin does announce the new change.


What can you do to make the plugin work again?

If you still want to use the plugin on your website, you should change the restrictions of your Facebook page in ‘Settings’. Check the restriction options in the Facebook Help Center.


If you’re not interesting in making your page completely public, then you can review the rest of the Social Plugins from Facebook to see which you can insert in your Facebook Page. But overall, the main idea now is that the users should visite your Facebook page to become fans if that’s what they want to do.


What happens with the Like-button in the promotions?

When it comes to promotion applications, the organizers can activate the My Networks layer to invite the participants to become fans of the page. The change in the use of the Facebook Page Plugin also affects this option, since Facebook doesn’t allow these buttons to be shown correctly. If your Facebook Page has restrictions and you have an active promotion running, we recommend you review the My Networks layer in the Editor to make sure it shows correctly.

Are you affected by this change? Easypromos has already made a development so you can continue using the layer ‘My Networks’. If you can’t remoce the restrictions on your Facebook Page, you should change the ‘Like Box’ or ‘Like Box with faces’ to the ‘Go to page’ button that we have enabled. This allows the users that see your social networks to choose to go to your page and there click to Like it and become a fan. In this tutorial we explain how to configure this option in your promotion.

We hope that this information is helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.


Randi Jensen

International Business Developer in Easypromos

Publication date: 2017-03-28