Improve your Inbound Marketing Strategy with Photo Contests

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These days people are more aware than ever of the importance of Inbound Marketing for connecting with your brand’s target audience. With this change of focus a paradoxical situation has arisen: while brands attempt to attract potential new customers organically via attraction marketing, greater powers have been given to users in their buying choices and their exposure to so much information and content means that getting their attention is not so easy.

Contests and promotions can be a great way of retaining popularity among your public and generating engagement with your audience. Brands should make a continuous effort to win the trust of their target audience and keep this relationship stable over time.

How can you achieve this? One interesting method could be to dynamize your online community with a photo contest. You’ll obtain a larger community and boost the visibility of your brand while providing your participants and followers with a fun experience.

Such contests always have something special, and are usually successful among followers of a brand. Here’s why:

  1. They’re fun.
  2. They awaken creativity.
  3. They usually come with a healthy dose of humor.
  4. Participants share the experience.
  5. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, images rule the roost on social media.

The idea might vary, depending on the products sold by your brand, but it might be appealing to carry out a photo contest using your products as protagonists. This may lead you to set up a contest with funny images or unlikely situations for your products in which your users are free to choose, or find a theme for your campaign under which to unite all the images shared, etc.


An example of Inbound Marketing with photo contests

Imagine that your brand sells makeup products. Setting up a selfie contest for women applying the brand’s makeup could be appealing. Your target audience likes wearing makeup – it’s something they do every day – and you’ll encourage them to purchase your products to take part. The prize could also be aimed at your target audience: e.g. makeup kits.

photo contest 1

photo contest 2


Let’s have a quick look at what you could achieve:

  1. Dynamize your community and connect with your public.
  2. Analyze the images. You can see which products are used most often and draw your conclusions.
  3. Encourage potential customers to make a purchase.
  4. Reward the purchase with your brand’s products, making your brand more recognizable.
  5. Ensure that those who participate are interested in your products.
  6. Promote the loyalization of your current customers.

If you also choose to have your users select the finalists by voting for them, you’ll introduce an element of virality that will ensure your contest is recommended and shared more frequently, increasing the impact of your contest and brand.

Creating a photo contest is very simple. Think of an objective audience and suggest a story or theme for the contest – one that involves your products in some way – and encourage users to participate. If, in addition, you choose a prize that really appeals to participants, success will be guaranteed.

A contest is a quick and easy way of injecting some life into your community. Access the Easypromos Dashboard now and create your photo contest.


Randi Jensen

International Business Developer in Easypromos

Publication date: 2017-04-12