Definitive Guide to Give Visibility to Facebook Sweepstakes

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A Facebook Sweepstakes is one of the actions that can help you most to spread your brand and increase engagement with your online community. A study based on 24.000 Facebook Sweepstakes shows that this action increases the engagement on a post with up to 1000%. On Facebook pages with many fans, a sweepstakes post easily goes viral but for other pages, it can be difficult to generate traffic to the post in the beginning. If this is your case, follow these steps to achieve an optimal dissemination of the sweepstakes and that way get more participants. Don’t be satisfied with reaching only half of your followers. Check out these options to expand the reach and increase participation!


Create the post on your Facebook page

The first step in this type of sweepstakes is to think about how the sweepstakes post should be. Here we give you some advice on how to write the post. We recommend to always accompany the post with some graphic element: an image, a gif or a video. This does that Facebook gives more value to the content and shows it more in the newsfeed and apart from that, you can use it to show part of the text or information about the sweepstakes. In this example….


Yes, any post that you’ve published on your Facebook page can be used to run a sweepstakes. But remember to ask for one of these actions as mandatory to enter the sweepstakes: Comment or Like the post. It’s one of these actions that allows the app to collect all the participants and run the sweepstakes transparently and legally.

Have you thought about running a Facebook Sweepstakes? Announce it beforehand and do optimal follow-up on the post and it’s evolution. Pay attention to the comments and the requests from the users, as we talk about in this article.


Pin the post to the top of the page

When you’ve published the post, pin it to the top of the page  like we show in the following screenshot, and leave it there until the sweepstakes has ended. Like this, the users that visit your Facebook page will more easily find the sweepstakes post. That way you don’t have to post about the sweepstakes several times to keep it in the first position. If you publish more than one post, you have to keep in mind that they count as more than one and you need to add them in one sweepstakes with the option to run a sweepstakes from multiple posts which is available for clients with subscription.

Also keep in mind that Facebook has changed the order of the content blocks on your Facebook page. Change the order to give maximum priority to your posts.



Use the hashtag #sweepstakes in your post

You can use the hashtag #sweepstakes in your post and that way Facebook will show it to the users who search for that hashtag. The hashtags in your posts are converted in clickable links. That way, the users can easily find posts about the matters that they’re interested in, in this case sweepstakes. But remember that it won’t be shown to everyone, it’s shown mostly to the friends of those who have shared the post. Here’s a link that explains who can see the hashtags in Facebook posts.


Plan a co-branding action

A very successful and beneficial action is to run a sweepstakes organized by several brands, so that the same sweepstakes is published on more Facebook pages which increases exponentially the spreading of the post.


Boost the post with Facebook Ads

If your intention is to reach further than your existing community, don’t rely only on the organic reach of the post. Even though the sweepstakes increases exponentially the number of views of the post because of the interaction from the users, if you boost it with Facebook Ads you can reach a specific target audience that you can segment according to your goals. When you boost the post, Facebook tells you the potential reach you can achieve according to the allocated budget.



Announce the sweepstakes in your Newsletter

If you have a database with your customers or potential customers, take advantage of your active promotion and send them a newsletter to inform about the sweepstakes. Find the main link to the promotion in your control panel and link to it from the Call-to-Action button in the newsletter to make them click.


Disseminate in other online channels

If you have active profiles on other social media, disseminate the sweepstakes here as well and direct them to your Facebook page to encourage them to enter the draw. In addition to the possibility of converting the followers from other social networks into fans of your Facebook page, you will increase the reach of the action.



Your website can also be helpful

Did you know that you can embed the Facebook post in your website? Or link to it with the direct URL of the post?


Energize and reward the visitors to your website by informing them about the Facebook timeline Sweepstakes you’re running, and you will surely get participants coming from this channel as well.


Don’t forget your offline customers

If your brand or business has physical stores, don’t forget to announce the Facebook Sweepstakes that you’re running to your on-site customers. You can convert offline customers into online fans and this helps build loyalty: not only because customers like promotions (purchase the product at a better price, with a discount or for free if they are the lucky winners) but also because if they become fans, you can have more regular contact with them and they will be informed about your actions which may incentivize them to visit the store more often.


Contest websites

Perhaps your target audience is very wide and you want to reach as many users as possible. If this is the case, then you should check out contest websites and pages with promotions and discounts to publish your sweepstakes there.

Has this article given you new ideas to improve your promotions and give more visibility to Facebook Sweepstakes? Try them out now with your next Facebook Sweepstakes! Enter now and have it ready in a few minutes.


Randi Jensen

International Business Developer in Easypromos

Publication date: 2017-05-10