How to Use Contests and Sweepstakes in your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Posted in: Digital marketingLast update: 15/04/21

The ever-increasing growth of internet use means it is now the primary medium for users and advertisers to coexist and interact. Data on the daily internet usage and browsing time of users leave no room for doubt: all businesses should be using this channel to develop an effective Inbound Marketing strategy. Keep reading to discover a world of possibilities.

Giving an example of customers’ behavior when buying on the internet, Business2Community informs that 83% of customers trust recommendations made by family and friends when making a purchasing decision. 70% of users trust online comments when deciding which products to buy.

However, it’s also important to remember that even if your company doesn’t have an online store, consumers are active online and often use the internet to find information to help them decide which products to buy and which stores to go to. The searches range from which products are most suitable for the consumer’s needs to which stores offer the best prices. People also search for reviews of other customers to help them feel more confident about making the right purchasing choice.

The time spent on the Internet by online users is measured in hours. We use the Internet for more and more things every day.

Why are we telling you this? Because it’s an excellent opportunity that all brands should be aware of, and because all the effort invested in nurturing and promoting loyalty to your customers online will serve as a highly effective method of attracting new leads.

Reviewing the phases of the complete Inbound Marketing cycle, we should now be in the final phase of the process – the one that closes the circle – one that can present new opportunities by attracting leads who can be encouraged to advance through the sales funnel. Don’t deliberate any longer: it’s time to define your strategy.

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Build customer loyalty and attract new sales opportunities

Establish an action plan for your Inbound Marketing strategy that you have planned, and don’t forget to include contests, games, sweepstakes, or polls; they’re highly effective for attracting clients while giving your followers fun content to interact with.

Most inbound marketing promotions come with prizes, and rightly so! Social media users are much more likely to participate in your contests and sweepstakes if you incentivize participation. You can offer discount codes to all registered users, or organize a random prize draw for all participants.

Apart from attracting new users and potential customers you will also reinforce the loyalty and trust of your existing clients.

Take a look at the following examples and discover what objectives you can achieve by incorporating contests and sweepstakes to your marketing strategy.

Boost engagement of your online community

Capture new leads with contests and sweepstakes

Reinforce customer trust and loyalty

Better position your brand and gain extra visibility

Now, don’t waste all the time you’ve invested. You should treasure your new leads as you do your customers. Cultivate them and work with them to keep them interested in your brand. By earning their trust, you will be well on the way to converting them into loyal customers.

Randi Jensen

International Business Developer in Easypromos

Publication date: 2017-05-05