Google Primer, New App with Bite-Size Marketing Lessons Advise to Run Contests on Social Media

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5 minutes a day is all you need to learn valuable business advice and catch up on Digital Marketing with the new app from Google. And pay attention! The new app Google Primer mentions competitions as a recommended action in your online marketing plan. Do you want to know how to organize a successful contest? Keep reading because this gets interesting.

Welcome to Primer, says Google in an email when you’ve downloaded their new app with bite-size marketing lessons. Download the app Primer and learn about marketing related topics arranged in small lessons which each contain different sections and resources: basic theory, examples, summary, highlighted advice, tests to practice what you’ve learned, etc. The intention of the application is to provide valuable content so that users acquire the necessary knowledge to improve their business through the use of appropriate marketing strategies. According to Google, with this app they search to create Win-Win relationships:

“When people succeed, Google succeeds. At our best, we help businesses of all sizes try new things and get more customers. But we also know it’s hard to get the knowledge you need to do innovative marketing. So we assembled a small team of our own marketers and challenged them to build a product they would use. The result is Primer.”

Where can I find information about contests and sweepstakes in Google Primer?

Primer presents highlighted lessons on the main screen and if you don’t find it here, you can use the search field to find your favorite topic. Also, in your profile you can find information about your lessons: completed lessons, lessons in progress, summaries, etc.

In the lesson set Attract Fans and Customers with Social Media we find lesson 3: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Running Online Giveaways.


The structure of the lessons is more or less the same in all and in this case, 3 key questions are asked in the beginning to be answered during the lesson:

  • How can organizing an online giveaway help my marketing?
  • How do I run an online giveaway successfully?
  • How do I create buzz to promote my online giveaway?

If you want the answers to these 3 questions and if you want to read additional information about for example the difference between Sweepstakes and Contests, download Google Primer now and start your lessons right away. You can then put it into practice wit Easypromos, the best tool on the marked to create online contests, sweepstakes and promotions.


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Publication date: 2017-06-09