5 real examples of Facebook sweepstakes from successful brands

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Facebook sweepstakes and giveaways are popular because they’re quick and easy, both for brands and for customers. But they’re also worthwhile because of their effect: increased engagement on your Facebook Business page.

Here are 5 real examples of Facebook sweepstakes run by brands – including their aims, results, and insider tips.

  1. Chicco UK for Mother’s Day
  2. Four weeks of Facebook giveaways with Hot Devil
  3. Regular contests from Cupcake Coffee Box
  4. Klimapark 2469 announces a new season
  5. Chrome Supplements & Accessories give away VIP exclusives

The value of running Facebook sweepstakes

When you organize a Facebook Sweepstakes on your page, the first thing you need to define is your goal for the campaign. Here are the most common reasons to run Facebook giveaways:

  1. Increase the number of followers or fans.
  2. Build loyalty with your followers.
  3. Increase reach on Facebook.
  4. Convert followers into brand advocates.
  5. Promote a specific product or a service.
  6. Learn more about your followers.
  7. Send clicks to your website.
  8. Increase brand awareness or brand recognition.
  9. Attach value to your brand.
  10. Increase sales.

1. Chicco UK for Mother’s Day

Goals: celebrate Mother’s Day, promote a specific product, and increase loyalty from the Facebook community.

Since their online community is made up mostly by mothers, Chicco UK, through PR and advertising agency HROC, wanted to do something more to celebrate Mother’s Day than just a simple message. So they decided on a Facebook timeline contest published from one main post and two follow-up posts where the users were asked to share what they’ve learned since becoming a mother to help other new mums out. The prize was a product of the brand, one that can help mothers and their babies.

HROC used the option to run a sweepstakes from more than one post, gathering the comments from all three posts in one prize draw. The posts were carefully planned and scheduled through one week and the two reminder posts did get some comments but the main sweepstakes post was the one who received the majority of the comments.


Results: 371 comments and 919 new Page likes.

2. Four weeks of Facebook giveaways with Hot Devil

Goals: increase brand awareness, promote a specific product, and increase sales for the brand’s retail partners.

Hot Devil is an Australian brand which is sold via retail outlets around Australia and New Zealand – this particular campaign is targeted to Australia. Because they are wholesalers of the brand (Hot Devil) they spend a lot of time and resources, through agency Amphibian Creative, promoting the brand to support their retail partners, and a large part of this strategy is social engagement. They use sweepstakes as part of their long term social strategy.

The goal of the promotion is to engage with, and increase brand awareness among the target audience. On this occasion the users could win 1 of 20 of their new Gas Torches bundled with some other products. The promotion was broken up into 4 prize draws of 5 prizes to make up the 20, and5 prize bundles were given away each week. The sweepstakes post announced all four dates and was pinned to the top of their Facebook page during the entire month the sweepstakes ran, and the weekly prize draw was carried out from the same Facebook post. To support this they ran some paid Facebook advertising in week 1 and week 3.

In total the sweepstakes received 1761 entries from Likes on the post, the post was shared 889 times and the page experienced an increase in the number of followers.


Results: 1761 post likes, 889 shares, and a marked increase in Page followers.

“We have had great results, and we could not have done this without the help of Easypromos, we use your services for a number of our clients and it suits our needs perfectly.”

3. Regular contests from Cupcake Coffee Box

Goals: increase reach on Facebook, increase sales, and build the brand’s reputation by supporting other local businesses.

The Cupcake Coffee Box is a local coffeeshop in the McDonalds Mall in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, with a strong presence in the local social life. Special evenings and events are held on a weekly basis and they support other local businesses in the mall, by mentioning them in posts on their Facebook page. This includes running Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes where winners receive gift vouchers for various stores in the mall. They also raffle vouchers to the coffeeshop. Sweepstakes are used as part of a longterm strategy to increase engagement on their posts and to increase visits and sales.

The last sweepstakes was for a £25 gift voucher to the soon opening Puddledub butcher shop.


Results: 556 likes. The giveaway post also contributed to a monthly Page reach of 44,490, plus 10,092 post engagements.

4. Klimapark 2469 announces a new season

Goals: promote the new season, increase brand awareness, increase reach on Facebook, and increase sales.

Klimapark 2469 is an outdoor discovery centre with focus on climate history, hunting and gathering, geology, and biology in the Jotunheimen mountain area in Norway that among other activities offer guided visits to the area including a walk into a 60 meter long ice tunnel. The park is only open to visits from June to September and to lead up to the season opening, they decided to run a Facebook Sweepstakes to give away a family visit to the park.

The post was created with a video showing past visits from the park and the users were only asked to Like the post and comment with a smiley. Klimapark 2469 used Facebook Ads to reach a greater audience.

The sweepstakes was a great success, the post received 2602 Likes in the participation period which lasted 6 weeks. The video in the post has over 93k views. A new post to announce the winner was created where they thanked all who entered and particularly for sharing. Sharing cannot be a requirement for participating but the post was shared 109 times. The post also included a reminder of the opening date and link to book visits.

Klimapark 2469 is running a second round of the sweepstakes now and in 17 hours the post had already achieved 416 Likes, 411 comments, 12 shares and the video 7.6k views.


Results: over 400 likes and comments, 12 shares and 7,600 video views in the first 17 hours of the contest.

5. Chrome Supplements & Accessories give away VIP exclusives

Goals: promote an annual sale event, increase brand awareness, and increase sales overall

Chrome Supplements & Accessories is a South African store with both online store and 19 offline stores that sell fitness supplements and accessories. They run promotions such as quizzes and sports predictions on a regular basis and they complement them with an occasional Facebook timeline sweepstakes.

In this case, the occasion was their annual clearance sale and to create buzz and lead up to the dates, they organized a timeline contest where the users had to comment on the post saying which products they wanted to see at the sale to enter into the prize draw for VIP entries to be the first to enter the sale. This also served the purpose to encourage people to search through their product catalogue if they didn’t already have a favorite in mind.


Results: 341 comments, 614 reactions, and 42 shares.

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Randi Jensen

International Business Developer in Easypromos

Publication date: 2017-07-12