We have renewed the Promotions Editor. This is what it looks like from now on!

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The Easypromos DNA predisposes us to use active listening towards our users and whenever it’s possible we integrate new options fast to respond to their requests and suggestions. Even though the platform is in constant evolution there are moments when it has to be adapted to a global vision and we need to bring order, simplicity and coherence to the tool. This is the goal of this update because the Editor had become one of the interfaces where the users spend most time customizing the promotion and it should give you a good experience and allow to configure the promotion in a more intuitive way to help you in your work process.

Which premises have been the basis for the renewal of the Promotions Editor?

  1. Reorganize and simplify the menu
  2. Relocate the options following a more logical order
  3. Apply a system of tabs to achieve a more global view of each section
  4. Create a system of on/off switches to enable and disable pages and features
  5. Apply visual aids
  6. Introduce some new features

In the following video we will show you, in general terms, what the renewed editor looks like:

Reorganize and simplify the menu

The menu of the editor contained many sections and sub-sections which did that it wasn’t possible to see all the items in the menu without scrolling. It has now been organized in 3 sections: Pages, General and Tools.

  • In Pages you will find all the pages of the promotion that you can configure.
  • In General you can review all the options that affect the whole promotion.
  • In Tools you’ll find advanced features that you only need to activate if your campaign requires it.

Also, this menu will always be open and it’s the administrator that can choose to hide it:


Relocate options

The secondary options that used to be in the menu, have been included in to the pages they’re related to. Here are some examples:

  • The voting system has been integrated in the page “Gallery” since it’s on this page where the voting takes place and they’re shown.
  • The options that affect the registration of the users are presented as configuration options in the page “Form”. Examples: Maximum entries per user, control of frequency of participation, maximum number of users allowed, enable Facebook Login, enable premoderation etc.
  • Options for publication of the user generated content are selected in the page “Gallery” where you can choose to enable or disable the page.
  • All the options that affect the design template are grouped in one menu item, in the General section.

New system of tabs

Looking to present a more global vision of each section, a system of tabs has been implemented which organizes the aspects that can be configured for each page, section or feature. For example, all the elements related to the design have been gathered in one single section but are shown ordered according to their typology: Template, colors, typographies, background image and CSS styles (the last one only available in White Label version).


System of on/off switches

As if you were switching on and off the light, this is how easy it is now to disable or enable a page of your promotion. Even though this feature already existed, it has been made much more simple and visual with this system. It allows to have complete control over the active pages and above all, see it at a glance. Especially useful when you’re deciding whether to show the gallery or not, or if you want to enable or limit the participation via the registration form.


Visual aids

The redesign of the editor has also meant the implementation of visual aids that give a global vision of the status of the configurations and facilitate navigation.

  • The enabled sections are marked with a green dot and the disabled with a cross.
  • The menu is shown open and can be closed by clicking on the X.
  • The button to exit the menu is always shown in the right corner of the top bar.

Some new features

We have made the most of this update to apply some features that improve and customize the creation of your promotion. You’ll find them in the Premium design Template that is now the default template in the Premium and White Label promotions. In basic version, these features are not available.

  • More control over the Share-feature. Now you decide on which social networks and online channels you will allow sharing of your promotion. You have 8 channels of dissemination available; hide the ones you don’t want or disable the Share-feature all together if you don’t want to show the share-buttons to spread your promotion.
  • Customization of the menu in the application. With the Premium template and the intense mobile use to participate in promotions, the contents menu of the application gains importance. That’s why the platform now gives you the possibility to sort the content index of the app, create new pages to house additional information, link to external pages shown in the menu and also change the icons for each section to adapt them to you campaign or brand.
  • Reorganization of the quiz system. Taking advantage that we’re already applying coherence and better organization, we’ve updated the structure of the quiz system. We’ve perfected the flow for ease of creating questions, answers and assigning point scores, and features like the new summary page, the final messages and the test tool stand out better.

We hope you like the new Promotions Editor!

If you don’t already have your Easypromos account, you can create it here. It’s free to create your account and to create promotions in draft mode, you will only be asked for payment when you want to activate your promotion. Good luck!

Randi Jensen

She joined Easypromos in January 2017 as International Business Developer. Her main focus is on improving communication and customer care for our English speaking clients through live chat and email. She holds degrees in Journalism and Online Communication & Marketing and has more than 10 years of experience in online marketing. She spends her spare time with her boys and practicing yoga, and she sips herbal tea from her Easypromos mug during the workday.

Publication date: 2017-07-04