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Posted in: Digital marketingLast update: 04/08/22

If you’re already involved in the world of content marketing then your brand probably has a blog where you talk about topics of interest to your buyer personas. It’s likely that you dedicate a significant part of your time and resources to keeping the blog up to date and focused on the needs of your target audience. Another important task is that of sharing the content and doing your best to attract the right visitors for your brand.

These days, brands place many of their hopes on an effective Inbound Marketing strategy to boost their sales and attract new clients. We’re now living in an age of mass information where we’re bombarded daily by information on all kinds of subjects. This has changed the way we interact with our environment – especially the way we make purchases. Two well-known contemporary shopping behaviors are ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) and Showrooming (try-on instore, purchase online). This requires brands to adapt their marketing strategies and keep up with the new purchasing processes to provide the best buying experience.

It’s clear that brands no longer offer a merely one-way discourse to passive consumers. It used to be the case that a company advertised its new products to consumers via TV commercials or one-to-one phone calls. These old methods have evolved into new forms of brand-customer interaction. Brands are now expected to maintain a constant dialogue with their customers, a flow of communication that is often in full view of other online users. There has also been a considerable empowerment of consumers in the decision-making process of brands.

You have a blog, now inject some rock & roll

One of the most valuable tools for generating and sharing content, creating a dialogue with the public and promoting your product indirectly is a blog. It can be the central focus of your content marketing strategy. Generating frequently updated high-value content, sharing this content on social media, and promoting visits to the blog are all important actions for ensuring a successful content marketing strategy. You can also use the blog to explain the features of your product, boost sales, and so on.

One interesting idea could be to organize a sweepstakes for your community, encouraging users to take part by leaving a comment below an article on your blog. This can be useful for various reasons:

  1. You obtain interesting information about your followers’ tastes and interests, etc. from the comments they post.
  2. You boost visits to your blog.
  3. You break the ice and encourage your blog visitors get into the habit of leaving comments below your posts. (This can also be very handy for your SEO positioning).

Once users have commented on the post, and the participation period is over, it’s time to run the sweepstakes. How do you do this? The dynamic of the giveaway winner picker couldn’t be easier. You simply export a list of everyone who leaves a comment on the blog post, upload it to the app and run the random sweepstakes. It will only take a few minutes, but the impact can be huge. Choose the prize carefully and success is assured. What are you waiting for?

Run a sweepstakes and inject some life into your blog!

Randi Jensen

She joined Easypromos in January 2017 as International Business Developer. Her main focus is on improving communication and customer care for our English speaking clients through live chat and email. She holds degrees in Journalism and Online Communication & Marketing and has more than 10 years of experience in online marketing. She spends her spare time with her boys and practicing yoga, and she sips herbal tea from her Easypromos mug during the workday.

Publication date: 2017-08-11