6 Keys for an Effective Online Sweepstakes

Posted in: Digital marketingLast update: 10/05/18

Sweepstakes, promotions and online contests have become an essential part of Digital Marketing strategies. They enable companies to enhance the engagement with their community in a way that is fun and informal, while increasing brand awareness and attracting new potential customers.

The benefits are multiple and evident, but there are still some suspicions around the idea of running sweepstakes stemming from legal concerns and doubts about transparency and reliability. In this article, we will try to clear up these concerns and doubts by giving you six key points to consider before launching an online sweepstakes with guarantees:


1. Terms and conditions

All sweepstakes should be accompanied by terms and conditions – the rules that regulate the promotion. It’s important to use these terms and conditions to clearly specify how the sweepstakes winners are selected. This is where the organizer should inform participants about the tool that will be used to randomly select the winners.


2. Identification of participants

It might seem obvious, but it’s important to highlight the fact that the sweepstakes tool must unequivocally distinguish each user. In sweepstakes on Facebook, for example, the participants are identified using the Facebook UID – the number that identifies the account of each user. In other types of sweepstakes, an email address can be used to identify each user. It’s important to have easy access to and ways of managing the participating users.


3. Random winner picker

To select the winners, it’s advisable to use a tool that selects winners randomly among all the participants. Some use a computer progr