Instant Win contests, another successful Inbound Marketing strategy

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One formula that is effective when it comes to energizing your online community is that of the Instant Win contest. So, what’s special about it? Well, it’s a promotion – usually lasting a short time – in which prizes are distributed immediately among winners. Keep reading to find out more about this type of promotion and how it can boost your Inbound Marketing strategy.

Instant Win promotions are an effective way of getting users to share their contact details with you. They will be motivated to do so by the chance to win a prize. This is a good way of giving away prizes such as cinema or theatre tickets, offering multiple prizes, or distributing discount codes immediately.

Planning your Instant Win promotions

On an operational level, you have several options for planning the game’s dynamic. They are basic aspects but they will have a definite impact when it comes to encouraging your community to participate. The value of the prizes, the habitual behavior of your community, and the objective that you have set yourself for the promotion will all help you decide. Therefore, when setting up an Instant Win promotion you must be clear about what this type of dynamic enables you to do and how to apply it:

  • Program in advance when the prizes are to be distributed. In this way, you can establish the number of winning moments in the promotion and the exact moment at which you wish each prize to be awarded. Alternatively, you can leave it to chance and have the tool itself decide when to award the prizes.
  • Set up personalized messages for the winners and non-winners.
  • Enable users to return by defining how many opportunities they have to try their luck and how many prizes they can win. For example, if the promotion lasts for several days you could allow users to participate once a day. In this case, if a user is lucky enough to win a prize you could either choose to prevent them from entering again or let them have a shot at winning another prize. You decide!
  • Incentivize participation with a final giveaway among all users who register for a promotion.

Here’s an example of an Instant Win promotion. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. 


Instant Win promotions for Inbound Marketing

With these types of contests, you can establish two different objectives:

  • Rewarding the loyalty of your clients and helping them advance through the sales funnel. Consider introducing a field in the registration form that will enable you to find out if the participant has purchased one of your products (if they are already a customer of your brand). This could be useful if you’d like a way of rewarding your customers even when they don’t win a prize. It will also give you the opportunity to analyze the information gathered and help you make decisions about future promotions and products, as well as finding out more about your clients’ tastes and preferences.
  • Capturing new clients / leads. If the prize is a discount on your products or a pack of samples, this will help you encourage users to try your products. This might help you convert participants into loyal clients. In addition, thanks to the registration form, you will have new leads interested in your products.

Do your best to come up with a good idea for your campaign – something original with an appealing slogan that calls users to action. Choose the prize or prizes that best identify your brand and products (discounts, sample packs, invitations, etc.) and build a well-designed, creative contest around them.

The only thing users will have to do to participate is fill in a short form. Define the information that you want them to provide. Remember not to ask for too much as this will put people off taking part.

If you’ve already got an idea for your contest, don’t let it go to waste. Log in to the Easypromos dashboard and create your winning moment contest or chat with our Support Team!

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Publication date: 2017-09-12