Add Contests and Inbound Marketing to Obtain More Leads

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In the Annual Social Networks Study for 2017 recently published by IAB Spain, the conclusion regarding online promotions is clear: in Spain, 83% of those surveyed follow brands via networks such as Facebook and Instagram. 40% of these followers have no problem providing their information so that companies can send them information about promotions and advertising of interest.

It’s clearer than ever that Marketing Departments and Agencies must adapt to the new habits and behavior of their potential clients. One way of doing this is to implement contests and sweepstakes as part of their online strategies. Promotions and contests attract internet users because they offer entertainment and a chance to win a prize, so how can they be used in an Inbound Marketing strategy?

There are several points during the buying decision process when Facebook fans, Twitter or Instagram followers, and website visitors can be converted into leads. And they will be happy to become leads because it will give them the opportunity to win a prize. For example, contest and sweepstakes apps are usually displayed in a microsite that can be shared easily across all social networks.

A call to action to participate and the presentation of an attractive prize will ensure that users sign up. Choosing the prize and the communication strategy is essential for ensuring that your new leads are buyer personas and fit the profile of your ideal customers.

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There are some types of contests that are guaranteed to attract only the buyer personas: if you ask for a photo with a product for example, or if the prize for registering in the sweepstakes is a discount coupon which can be used for your products.

Promotional actions via social networks are already quite extensive. But contests and promotions can also be useful online. Here are some ideas to illustrate this:

  • To insert a promotional app on a website or blog – embedded as a widget – is now very easy. It can be totally adapted to the responsive design and act as a visitor-to-lead converter.
  • The Participate button is a call to action similar to a conversion landing page. The visitor who is searching for more information about your product, or who is in the final decision-making phase, will see the promotion and can decide to sign up.
  • There are many types of content that can be presented in these online promotions. The promotion could take the form of an app to enable participants to leave their email addresses in exchange for a promotional discount code to an online store; or it could be a survey that enables you to obtain information about what each visitor is looking for.

The options are as infinite as the online world itself so you can transform your marketing actions to adapt them to every situation, strategy or idea, while connecting with and appealing to your target audience.

So now you can see how many options there are to transform online users into leads, and how these methods can boost results.

The technology to carry out these types of actions is already available. All marketing departments need to do now is learn how to harness and get the most out of this technology.

Easypromos Team

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Publication date: 2017-11-21