The 3 Keys to a Successful Pick Your Favorite Contest

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Today we’re going to talk about an interesting alternative available to brands looking to strengthen ties with their community. A Pick Your Favorite contest can be a fun way of involving consumers and followers in specific decisions that a brand has to take.

Good excuses for carrying out a Pick Your Favorite contest could be to find the name of a new product or slogan, to choose a new logo, to pick a new seasonal color scheme for your star product, to vote for favorite celebrities to represent the brand, and so on.

It’s important to remember that when you plan a contest of this type you can show participants a number of texts, images and videos that they can then vote for. This means you have plenty of options to surprise your audience. With a little creativity and effort you can achieve high levels of impact and notoriety.

It’s important for brands to get to know their public well. We’ve already spoken about the importance of identifying the profiles of a brand’s buyer personas. This will be difficult to do without collecting information from a brand’s followers and customers.

Do you want to know what your customers like best? Ask them! This is the type of promotion that can give them a voice and a vote. In addition, by making the promotion into a contest you are giving your community the perfect incentive to take part.


3 keys to a successful Pick Your Favorite contest


You value the opinion of your community and reward them for giving it to you

Dos de dos. This proposal is as win-win as they come. You’re showing a high regard for your community by involving them in an important decision for your brand. You’re also thanking them for their interest and collaboration by giving them the chance to take part in a sweepstakes and win a prize.

You are hitting the bull’s-eye by showing a clear understanding of what users expect from you as a brand.

What can you offer the contest winners? You have plenty of options. You can offer one or more gifts as prizes in a sweepstakes. The prize could be related to your product or it could give the winner/s the opportunity to share an experience that is related to the contest.

For example, if you ask users to suggest the name of a new product, you could award the winner the product as a prize when it goes on sale.


The ranking effect: we like to compete

One characteristic of this contest that generates a great deal of expectation is that votes are displayed as the promotion progresses. This is an important focus of interest in which competition between users is encouraged and participation invited.

Here it’s important that you have a good communication plan to feed the whole process and advertise the contest.


A very viral contest

It’s such a straightforward contest that success is almost guaranteed as long as it is well put together. If you incentivize participants to share the contest it will reach more people. And thanks to the simple participation dynamic, contestants won’t have any problems taking part. If you already have an idea that you want to turn into your own Pick Your Favorite contest, then go for it! Do a good job setting it up and the contest is guaranteed to be a success.


Now that you know the benefits of carrying out a Pick your Favorite contest, access the Easypromos dashboard and begin setting one up right now!


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Publication date: 2017-11-28