5 Facebook Giveaway Ideas: Comment with a Photo or a Video

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Brands are constantly looking out for ways to entertain and engage their Facebook communities. One of the most popular tactics is to share mini games that provide entertainment to online users. Try to gamify your brand by combining games and giveaways in a single post! How? Ask participants to comment on your posts with a screenshot, a photo or a video to enter your Facebook giveaway. Now you can import the comments with the photos and videos, and you can easily exclude those that don’t comply with entry requirements. Run a giveaway only for those those that do. Here we will show you 5 creative examples of Facebook Sweepstakes where the users were asked to comment with a photo or a video to participate in the prize draw.

Facebook giveaways are very popular with online users and brands looking to increase their visibility. For this reason, our powerful FB Giveaway tool now allows you to organize sweepstakes for users that comment on your giveaway post with photos or videos.

Apart from generating social media engagement and fostering customer relationships, you can also obtain user-generated content that is very useful for your brand; it boosts your brand’s authenticity and creates brand advocates. In this blog post, we take a look at five different examples of Facebook giveaways with photos and videos.

Facebook giveaway idea: Screenshot the video

Have you ever come across a Facebook giveaway in which the brand shared a video and asked the audience to screenshot a specific image? That’s a great Facebook giveaway idea for brands looking to engage their audience beyond comments.

French food products brand Herta created a Facebook giveaway with a small video with pictures of a deconstructed cake. Users were asked to capture the moment when the cake was shown as a whole piece. They then posted the screenshot in the comment section for their chance to win prizes related to baking. It was a great way to promote their products and generate brand awareness.

facebook giveaway idea by Herta: screenshot the image

Thanks to the Easypromos app, the organizer can easily exclude users that they haven’t attached a photo or it’s not the photo they asked for. This way you ensure that only those that complied with entry requirements get a chance to win your prizes.

Idea for a Facebook giveaway: Show off your garden with a picture

Photo contests are highly popular with online communities and brands. Apart from collecting UGC, brands can also demonstrate to potential customers that there are already happy customers enjoying their products or services.

Facebook giveaway idea: photo contest in the comments

English online gardening community Gardening Goddesses asked their community to show their garden in bloom by sharing a photo on their Facebook post. The participants had a chance to win a gift voucher for a garden centre and more gardening gifts. This Facebook giveaway idea generated engagement and boosted customer loyalty.

Find hidden products in 360º view

Next up is a great Facebook giveaway idea from Nivea Men France. They used a 360º image from their TV ad featuring Real Madrid football players that shows a dressing room with Nivea products hidden in the setting. As part of a 2 phase contest for their Facebook community, Nivea Men France asked users to find the products, make screenshots and post them in the comments. This is a great way to engage and entertain the users, as well as promote the best-selling products.

nivea men france facebook giveaway idea

Boost customer loyalty and trust with this Facebook sweepstakes idea

Vespa Adventures that organize Vespa tours in Vietnam and Cambodia asked their community to share their best photos from their Vespa Adventures with them as part of the company’s 10 year anniversary. The prize of the giveaway was a free day tour that could be transferred to friends or family. This way the company connected with their clients and engaged with them by showing interest in their photos and memories.

vespa facebook giveaway idea

Using a special date as giveaway occasion on Facebook

American Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers used the holidays as an occasion to run a Facebook giveaway. They asked users to share a picture of their favorite Christmas tree for the chance to win a piece of jewelry. Apart from reconnecting with their existing social media community they also got to reach new Facebook users.

facebook giveaway idea for promotions with photos and videos

Please note that we don’t recommend combining these ideas with voting via Likes on the images or videos that the participants add in the comments. Firstly, to keep it simple! Participate by uploading a screenshot, a photo, or a video as a comment by replying to the post.

Secondly, because the Likes on Facebook are not meant to work as a voting mechanism and there’s not fraud filter available for them. If you want to organize a photo contest with voting, we recommend you use a Photo Contest app that has its own voting system incorporated.

Make the most of these ideas and organize your next Facebook giveaway now! Do you have questions that need answering? Live chat with our Customer Support Team.

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Publication date: 2017-12-27