Is a Random Picker the Best Way to Select the Winner of Your Contest?

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You’ve set up your social media contest, well done! You’re ready to give away your prize and all that’s left to decide is how to pick your winner. With a multitude of random picker apps on the market, let’s take a look at which is the best way to choose your winner.

Picking a random winner of your social media giveaway

You can always choose your winner at random, by allowing an app to do this for you, like ours! With a random picker app, the hard work is done for you and all you have to do is determine your criteria. This type of app is quick and easy to use and you don’t have to think twice about it. The random winner will be the happy winner of your contest! This also works really well if your giveaway involves comments or likes. You will save time trawling through all the entries. Choosing a random picker app to do the job for you will also ensure fairness and it will also take away any pressure you might feel about choosing the winner yourself. By using the filters provided, you can adapt the result to the specifications of your contest. This is also especially useful if you want to pick more than one winner.

So with the number of random winner picker tools, how will you choose the right tool to pick random winners of your social media giveaways? You’re in luck! Our social media giveaway tools have all you will ever need. Each of our comment picker apps is safe and certified! 

So what are the main characteristics of our random picker tools? 

  • An unlimited number of giveaways – run as many giveaways as you want! 
  • An unlimited number of comments to choose from (depending on the plan) – don’t worry if you need to pick a random winner out of 100,000 participants – our apps can do it!
  • Certificate of Validity – once you run your giveaway and draw a random winner, the platform will generate a certificate to guarantee the transparency of the random winner selection, and avoid any accusations of unfairness.
  • Results published on the “Winners page” – make the giveaway results public, so the participants can find out who was the random winner of your social media giveaway.
  • Automatic selection of substitute winners – determine how many substitutes you want to choose. If the winner doesn’t claim the prize, you will be able to assign it to the next person. 
  • “Claim Your Prize” system – the winner will be able to claim their prize without having to contact you through emails or private messages.
  • Blacklist bad users – on social media you can find all kinds of people. So if someone breaks the contest rules or represents bad behavior, you can blacklist them and ensure that they won’t be able to enter any of your future giveaways.
  • Exclude previous winners – it’s highly likely that the previous winners of your giveaways will try their luck again. But don’t worry if you want to give the chance to other followers. With our Easypromos random picker tools, you can now exclude winners of your previous sweepstakes! 
  • And many more! – our apps have many more characteristics! Multiple or sponsored posts, collaborations, etc… We can do it all!

Choosing a winner of your social media promotion

You can, of course, decide to pick your winner based on the participants’ entries. That can be a retweet, a comment, a like or a tag. This all depends on the type of contest that you have organized, and which social network it was launched on. 

If you’ve asked participants to write or record something detailed, it can take some time, as you will have to go through all the entries to choose the ones that you like the most. You wouldn’t be able to choose a random winner of such competition.

If your promotion is a Photo, Video or Writing Contest, then you might want to enable the voting system, so the winner may be decided by public voting. The benefit of this is that it really encourages voter participation and engages your community of followers. Also, all participants will make sure to share the promotion with their family and friends, as they will be working hard to obtain as many votes as possible. This will also create more rivalry between the participants. However, you will have to be sure that the voting is done fairly. Luckily, with Easypromos apps, the winner can be chosen by the public vote, and you can monitor the voting process at the same time. There’s another way to do it! Ask the public to choose the top three entries, and then you can choose the winner out of the three most voted submissions. 

However, when it comes to social media sweepstakes based on likes or comments, the only fair way to choose a winner is a random name selector. 

Random picker apps by Easypromos for your social media giveaways

So if you’re ready to randomly pick a winner of your social media giveaway, here’s all you need! 

Are you looking for more information about our giveaway tools? Visit our page dedicated to our giveaway apps and discover all characteristics and benefits!

Our Instagram comment picker allows you to pick a winner from all the followers that commented on your Instagram post. You can determine the minimum number of characters in the comment, and also the number of accounts tagged. And if you’re looking for inspiration to organize your Instagram Giveaway, check out the success case of Tombow, and find out how they randomly picked winners of their 12 days of Christmas giveaway series. Remember! Your first Instagram Giveaway is FREE!

Facebook Giveaways are also great for engagement and brand awareness and exposure. So if you organize Facebook sweepstakes, you can now choose a random winner with our random picker for Facebook giveaways! Randomly draw a winner from all the people that commented on your post or liked it! Pick your substitutes and share the Certificate of Validity to prove the transparency of winner selection.  

Are you looking to draw random winners from other social media networks? Don’t worry, we got you covered! 

Create your free Easypromos account! Remember, your first giveaway on each network is always free!

Draw random winners from your subscribers, blog readers or event attendees

Are you thinking to organize a giveaway for your blog subscribers or readers? Or maybe you recently organized an event and now want to draw a winner of a special prize from all the attendees? You have their names and email address but you’re not sure how to randomly and transparently pick a winner? Worry no longer! Easypromos offers you a special List Giveaway app. Simply copy and paste the list of your users into our app, or import names and email address from an Excel, CSV or text file, and randomly choose winners and their substitutes! Get a Certificate of Validity to prove that your giveaway was free and fair! 

Whatever you decide, it’s important to remember that running a contest doesn’t have to be a headache. You can avoid any unwanted criticism if the selection is done randomly with a certified tool like ours. If you want a stress-free contest, let our random winner picker do the job!

In case of any questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact us through our Online Chat. And remember! Your first giveaway on each social media network is FREE! 


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